In a sweeping victory, the Boys Town Jerusalem High School soccer team clinched First Place in the 2019 National Yeshiva High School league. The Boys Town Jerusalem team scored its decisive win in a three-game final held in Tel Aviv against over 30 teams from across the nation competing for the title.

Doron Deutch, head of Boys Town Jerusalem’s physical education department, lauded the school’s first national championship trophy since 2013. “The team members have been practicing quite hard for this match, and that paid off in their performance. Most important, we’re grateful to the many partners to our success. Donors across the globe have given our athletics program the facilities, encouragement and love that makes every student a winner. For each boy, but primarily those from disadvantaged families, sports play a crucial role in bolstering physical and emotional health.”

Deutch cited the importance of the high-quality Kaswell and Beren sports fields on campus where students train, as well as the state-of-the-art Kaswell Fitness Center which spurs overall stamina and strength. Turning from body to soul, Deutch noted a recent gift of professional uniforms which gave players a huge boost of confidence. Boys Town Jerusalem supporter Jon Reuben of London was instrumental in transferring leftover uniforms and sportswear to the school from a leading UK professional soccer team, literally fit for the pros. “We were definitely the best-dressed team at the tournament,” Deutch smiled. “Our boys felt professional, and their opponents stood up and took notice.”

By the end of the grueling back-to-back three-game final (scores 2-2, 2-1 and 4-1), the champs were close to exhaustion, the coach admitted. “Their positive energy kicked in to keep them going,” said Deutch. “Of course, I’m delighted with the results. But I’m proudest to see how our boys mastered the art of sportsmanship – they respected every player and team. That’s what makes champions.”

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