All of his life, Lavie* has lived with his mother and grandmother in terrible poverty. His grandmother cannot work, and his mother cannot retain a job. When Lavie joined Boys Town Jerusalem in seventh grade, he did not have much. His mother couldn’t afford to pay for school, so Lavie joined on a full academic scholarship. To provide Lavie with an outlet from his situation at home, he also joined some extracurricular activities at no extra cost.

Throughout his nearly two years in school, the staff has kept a close eye on Lavie, giving him clothes and shoes. In addition, we provide food and financial assistance to his mother in times of particular dire need.

When the coronavirus hit, Lavie was back in poverty full time. Our staff continued to keep in touch with him, providing food packages and moral support. But remote learning was not an option for Lavie, since he did not have a computer.

Thanks to your generous donations, Lavie was given a laptop and is able to continue learning throughout this difficult time. He has now caught up to his class and will be able to finish his year.

You helped Lavie during an extremely difficult time. Thank you for helping Lavie and nearly 50 other boys get laptops so they can learn remotely.

To learn more about our laptop campaign, click here.

*name changed to conceal identity

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