In a milestone event, Boys Town Jerusalem senior Natan Anter was awarded the first prize Emanuel Mazor Award for Outstanding Research Works in Earth Sciences.

At a ceremony held in the Weizmann Institute of Science, 17-year-old Natan presented his research findings to an audience of university professors and students. The research topic, “The effect of mass on the surface roughness of limestone and on the wetting properties in groundwater,” is significant to the effort to purify prime water sources (aquifers) contaminated by oil and other toxics.

Natan, who began BTJ in Grade 7, was selected two years ago for the prestigious Israeli Ministry of Education “Alpha Program for Gifted Students” to cultivate students within the scientific research world. In conjunction with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Natan has been guided by a top researcher in the Earth Sciences (Geology) Department who will incorporate Natan’s findings into his PhD dissertation.

The prizewinning research was ‘exact science,’ not theoretical, Natan explains, describing months of collecting rocks, breaking them, examining specific characteristics under the microscope and compiling the findings.

The process was greatly complicated by the pandemic. “I had to compress one year’s work into three months.” he notes.

Natan credits his extraordinary advancement in science to his participation from Grade 7 in BTJ’s extracurricular Robotics program in the Follender Robotics Center. “Not only did this develop my thinking, but it made me part of a team that works together to create something amazing.”

To earn extra money over the summer, the champion young scientist repaired bicycles and gave math lessons. His senior BTJ studies will now be devoted to his challenging double major of Computer Engineering and Electronics, plus a new major in physics which Principal Doron Taib initiated at Natan’s request.

Boys Town Jerusalem has supported me every step of the way,” Natan declares. “My dream for the future is to study in the Technion and to serve in a top IDF cybersecurity unit. And to go on from there…”

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