Student Projects

Student projects are an important part of the technological education at Boys Town Jerusalem.

As students carry out their projects, from the planning stages through building and testing, they demonstrate a thorough knowledge and understanding of the relevant disciplines they have studied.

Student Projects Projects from the Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Technology (CIT) Program Curiosity and a passion for research are common traits among the high school students who devise the projects in the CIT program of Boys Town’s Harry Beren Institute of Torah and Technology. Some of their student projects have practical application and others are purely theoretical, but all represent years of intense study. Each year, some of these projects are chosen to represent Boys Town at the National Exhibit of Technology in the Davidson Institute for Science of the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot.

CIT Projects, 2013    CIT Projects, 2012    CIT Projects, 2011    

Student ProjectsProjects from the College of Applied Engineering (CAE) Program In order to receive an Associate Engineer degree in mechanical engineering or electronics from Boys Town’s College of Applied Engineering, students must pass written examinations given by Israel’s Ministry of Education, along with presenting an original project for approval by a government panel of engineers. Each project represents the student’s thorough knowledge and understanding of the relevant disciplines. The young engineers must also be extremely proficient in the area of computer science, as they are responsible for writing the entire program for their projects.

CAE Projects, 2013    CAE Projects, 2012    CAE Projects, 2011    

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