BTJ Provides Spectacular Summer Camp


Just one day after the schoolyear ended, a record number of Boys Town Jerusalem students raced straight back to the campus. Thanks to generous donors worldwide, they began the summer of their dreams at the BTJ Day Camp. For the scores of disadvantaged boys, the Camp’s abundant fun, friends and food were priceless gifts.  

The summer camp was packed with activities

“I enjoyed each and every activity,” declares 15-year-old Sammy,* whose single mom struggles to support her five children. “The 5½ mile bicycle trip was incredible, but my favorite experience was walking through the tunnels in the City of David. It was just amazing to be together, talking with my friends in the total darkness of the ancient tunnels.” 

Beyond these adventures, Sammy and his fellow campers’ action-packed month at the BTJ Day Camp was filled with sports, hikes, fieldtrips in and around Jerusalem, movies, barbecues, games, fun science experiments and more, culminating in a great day at a waterpark near Tel Aviv.  

Summer camp also included lessons

To give students a special scholastic boost following the Covid closures, the Summer Camp also included concentrated lessons in math and English. “This tutoring will enable us to start the academic year at the proper level,” notes Junior High School Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz. 

“BTJ’s highly-subsidized summer camp is not only a boon for needy students, but for their parents as well,” the principal adds. “Donations enable us to price the camp at a mere token fee. For the scores of parents in dire straits, we waive all costs.” 

It was an incredible summer for everyone

For their part, parents cannot thank the school enough for giving their children nourishing food and a safe, wholesome haven while they are at work. All leftover food is sent home to campers’ families with no food of their own

“The rewards of the Boys Town Jerusalem Summer Camp go far beyond its wonderful adventures,” Rabbi Rosencrantz declares. “Our boys gain knowledge, social skills, and self-esteem for a lifetime.” 

*not his real name 

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