Longtime Boys Town Jerusalem instructor Shlomo Serok has been appointed by the Ministry of Education to serve as Israel’s first (and only) national coordinator for high school cyber technology instructors.

According to Serok, the goal of the newly-created position is to write the national cyber curriculum, slated to soon enter the high school syllabus, plus to personally visit and advise cyber instructors in Arab, Jewish, religious and secular schools throughout the country.

This groundbreaking assignment comes on the heels of Shlomo Serok being named Israel’s top Computer Science & Networking Teacher for 2019. The innovative 62-year-old instructor, himself a BTJ grad, is acclaimed for both his boundless dedication to his students and his initiation of some of Israel’s top computer technology programs.

Last year, thanks to Serok’s reputation, Boys Town Jerusalem was one of eight Israeli high schools tapped by the Prime Minister’s National Cyber Bureau to pilot a cutting-edge course in cyber security. At the close of the course, the school topped the nation with the highest number of students to pass the CSP (Certified Cyber Security Practitioner) exam for global authorization.

In addition to his new supervisory assignment, Shlomo Serok will continue his intensive teaching in BTJ’s top-level high school Computer Networking Technology (Cisco) department, as well the new Computer Networking division of the school’s College of Applied Engineering. This year, Serok has introduced the nation’s first high school matriculation-level course for BTJ students to create projects aimed at solving real-world problems by applying their knowledge of computer networking, graphics and/or cyber.

Unperturbed by the extra-heavy workload, Sarok notes, “I’m quite fortunate to be able to combine two exciting realms, exploring new technological horizons with Boys Town Jerusalem students alongside forging new frontiers in Israeli cyber education.”

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