Historic Visit
Date: July 2018
On May 31st, Mr. Chris Cannan became the first Australian Ambassador to Israel to visit Boys Town Jerusalem in its seven decades of existence. Ambassador Cannan’s historic visit coincided with the arrival of Attorney David Selig of Sydney, chairman of the newly-established Australian Friends of
Project Based Learning
Date: July 2018
Boys Town Jerusalem has become the first high school in Israel to pioneer a “Project Based Learning” (PBL) technology course. PBL involves learning through identifying a real-world problem and applying technology to develop a solution. Here, the students are at the helm, generating the direction
The Pied Piper of Boys Town Jerusalem
Date: June 2018
As he often does, Boys Town Jerusalem 12th grade teacher Rabbi Amos Dakan recently dismissed class early to accompany his students on a city bus to the Children’s Ward of Shaare Zedek Hospital. Guitar in hand, the rabbi led his students from room to room to sing and dance for the young patients and
Camp is not a Luxury, it's a Necessity!
Date: June 2018
Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz, Boys Town Jerusalem Principal received a frantic phone call from a mother. “The court has ordered us evicted from our apartment for not paying the rent,” she sobbed. “The police are outside. We’ll soon be in the street. At least I know my son David will be spending his
IDF Comes Home
Date: May 2018
Just weeks before one of the IDF’s most prominent generals retired, he took the time to head back for a visit to his high school alma mater. Major General Yoav Mordechai, the high-profile Coordinator of Israeli Government Activities in the Territories , recently returned to his roots at Boys
Music Replaces Misfortune
Date: May 2018
For many Boys Town Jerusalem students in crisis, the path to rehabilitation now begins with “do, re, mi.” The school’s music therapy program, today in its second year, is scoring success in sparking communication with boys whose turbulent emotions lie pent up inside them. “Adolescent boys don’t
Two Precious Souls
Date: April 2018
Memorial Day in Israel bares the raw, unspeakable pain felt by virtually all Israelis—and their brothers and sisters across the globe—in mourning for those who gave their lives for the Jewish State. To date, 23,646 people have been killed in defending the nation, and 3,134 have become victims of
Slice of Life
Date: April 2018
On May 14, 1948, Zionist leader Arieh Handler was invited to a secret ceremony in war-torn Tel Aviv to observe the signing of the Israeli Declaration of Independence. At his death in 2011, Handler held the distinction of being the last surviving witness of this historic event. Recently, Arieh’s
Lessons From a Fallen Grad
Date: April 2018
In his lifetime, Boys Town Jerusalem graduate Ofer Tiri had a zeal for helping others, from his family to his classmates to needy people from all walks of life. Only his death in a 2005 terrorist suicide bombing could halt the young man’s endless acts of kindness. Today, a new generation of Boys
Rabbi Koby's Revolution
Date: March 2018
From the day that young Rabbi Yaakov “Koby” Artzi began his (first) job as the Dorm Parent for twenty-five tenth graders at Boys Town Jerusalem, life began to change in a big way. “We’ve come together, we care about each other, and we’re building something meaningful for us and others,” said
Giving Back Goes Both Ways
Date: March 2018
Ever since the school was founded 70 years ago, Boys Town Jerusalem has been a landmark in Jerusalem's Bayit Vegan neighborhood. This month, students went out of their way to “give back” to the community where they live and study. To everyone’s delight, the love went both ways.In the spirit of
Building Champions
Date: February 2018
Sometimes the weakest students at Boys Town Jerusalem are the luckiest. These days, the biggest winners are the students having the toughest time in their high school English classes. Thanks to the kindness of a caring volunteer tutor, those boys are now making extraordinary strides. Sam Zimmerman,
First Prize In Robotics
Date: February 2018
A promising, prize-winning electronic device designed to save water has been conceived, designed, programmed and produced in Israel. A search for the inventors’ boardroom and laboratory leads not to a hi-tech start-up, but to the Boys Town Jerusalem’s Follender Robotics Center where the champion
Revolutionary Highway
Date: January 2018
As drivers cruise swiftly along Jerusalem’s newly-completed Menachem Begin Highway, they can thank Boys Town Jerusalem graduate Yair Singer, director of the complex execution of the project. The revolutionary highway now enables drivers to crisscross the entire capital city, north to south, in just
Returning a Debt
Date: January 2018
When Boys Town Jerusalem recently sought out companies to submit bids for installing fiber optic cables on campus, one top-notch firm made an offer that could not be refused. Netanel Hadad, the 32-year-old founder and CEO of Natinet Communications Systems, proposed to carry out the significant job
A Gift for Generations
Date: November 2017
Nearly 50 years ago, Boys Town Jerusalem founder Jerusalem Rabbi Alexander Linchner first met Israel Henry and Harry Beren, sparking a partnership that has enriched the lives of thousands of students to this very day. Literally! We are now celebrating the dedication of the marvelous new “Israel
Champion Soccer Star Scores Winning Goals in the Classroom
Date: October 2017
At the height of his career as a professional soccer player, Idan Tal sparred on the field against such legends as David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane, with the roar of 100,000 fans swelling the air. Today, 42-year-old Tal is to be found on the Boys Town Jerusalem Kaswell Sports Field amidst the
Year in Review
Date: September 2017
Smiles of Joy From Disabled Children's Day Camp at BTJ
Date: October 2017
For nine glorious summer days, 370 sick and handicapped children age three and up are having the time of their lives. Almost magically, the Boys Town Jerusalem campus has been transformed to host the “Ezer Mitzion” Day Camp where the children are in wonderland.“It’s hard to recognize the school,”
Personality Builder
Date: November 2017
When the door opened to Dr. Yaakov Fuchs’ classroom last month, the longtime Boys Town Jerusalem English teacher welcomed a tall, slim young man. As he shook Dr. Fuchs’ hand, the visitor, 36-year-old Ronen Atia, barely resembled the boy he had been twenty years earlier – a weak student plagued by a
When a Day Camp is a Lifesaver
Date: August 2017
Without missing a beat, nearly 100 Boys Town Jerusalem 7th and 8th graders marked the first day of summer vacation by making a beeline back to campus for a one-month Day Camp. On Day Two of the camp, Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz received a frantic phone call from a mother.“The court has
From Being a Failure to a Success Student
Date: August 2017
Uriel Carmi, 18, never imagined he’d find himself on the speaker’s podium at his high school graduation. For much of his life, he never dreamed he would graduate at all. Yet today, as the popular student representative of the Boys Town Jerusalem Class of 2017 and a prizewinner for excellence in
Only 17 and he is on A Do Good Mission
Date: July 2017
Never underestimate the power of a 16-year-old boy who’s out to make the world a better place. Boys Town Jerusalem student Yinon Yom Tov, for one, has moved mountains in his struggle to help at-risk youth in his neighborhood. This month, he was honored for his outstanding achievements by a
Do we Really Need Their Help?
Date: July 2017
students reported for work for a dynamic summer job…at Boys Town Jerusalem. Exchanging their book satchels for tool kits and paint brushes, the students took their places on the work crew repairing and readying the school facilities for the upcoming school year.Yet for these young men, the summer
Surviving an Abusive Mother - A Long Walk To Freedom
Date: June 2017
Avi*, a ninth grader at Boys Town Jerusalem, gave Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz a wan smile as he came into his office several weeks ago. “I had a difficult Shabbat (Sabbath),” he said in a near whisper. “Please, I need you to help me escape from my mother, once and for all!”“Avi’s mother has
Arabic Lessons Boost Students’ Entry to Top IDF Units
Date: June 2017
In light of Israel’s ongoing security situation and the general need to be conversant with its neighbors, the IDF is encouraging schools to offer Arabic-language courses to qualify more recruits for elite combat and intelligence units. At Boys Town Jerusalem, an enthusiastic group of students is
How to Cope with Losing a Father?
Date: May 2017
At his father’s funeral yesterday, Ilan* could hardly concentrate on the eulogies being delivered. Instead, the lanky tenth-grade Boys Town Jerusalem student closed his eyes to try and call up pictures in his mind of how happy his family once was, just two short years ago. Yet his mind only showed
New BTJ Invention Can Save Pedestrian Lives
Date: May 2017
Boys Town Jerusalem has been named first place winner among the 110 schools competing in the Jerusalem Fair for Scientific Research and Technological Solutions. Ninth-grade team members Uriel Dahan, Michael Rafaelov and Ariel Cohen clinched the contest by inventing a “safe crosswalk” device to
Jerusalem Day Reveals an Extraordinary Jerusalem Rabbi to Students
Date: May 2017
As Jerusalem celebrates its 50th year of reunification, four Boys Town Jerusalem students set out to explore the life of a distinguished Jerusalem resident, Rabbi Shlomo Tal, whose prayer book Rinat Yisrael unified Israeli worship. To their delight, the tenth graders were able to open a rare
Holocaust Accordion Comes Back To Life at BTJ
Date: April 2017
When a compact, gray-colored 80-year-old Hohner accordion was recently shipped to Boys Town Jerusalem, its escape from Nazi Germany and journey to the Land of Israel was complete at last. And when its chords were played (for the first time since 1937) to accompany the BTJ choir singing Ani Ma’amin
Boys Town Graduate Meets top Trump Adviser
Date: March 2017
Boys Town Jerusalem takes pride in noting that 1982 graduate of Boys Town Jerusalem Major-General Yoav Mordechai met this week with top Trump adviser Jason Greenblatt, United States Special Representative for International Negotiations. Mordechai, the Coordinator of Israeli Government Activities
New Innovation to Save Pet Birds
Date: February 2017
Distance is no longer an issue when it comes to taking care and even saving the life of your pet bird! A new invention created by Boys Town Jerusalem's 8th graders, allows you to easily see and talk to your pet birds, regardless of your location. This prototype for a “smart cage” is the
He is so Young to be Saying Kaddish
Date: January 2017
Much has happened over the four years that have passed since Assaf (not his real name) lost his mother. His father has remarried, he has two new siblings, and he recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah with his family and classmates from Boys Town Jerusalem.Yet for all the joy, Assaf has borne a veil
Volunteer Firefighter Battles The Most Destructive Israeli Fires
Date: November 2016
As most Boys Town Jerusalem students now look forward to the festive, flickering Chanukah menorah flames, 11th grader Daniel Ben Hemo looks back at the horrific flames that recently raged across Israel—and to miracles that he witnessed. During the wave of devastating fires, 16-year-old Daniel
Special Needs Education Mission: Preparation for Life
Date: November 2016
Surpassing all high schools in Jerusalem, Boys Town Jerusalem was tapped by the Ministry of Education to open its third Special Education class at the start of the 2016-7 school year. The new seventh grade class joins Special Education classes already operating in the eighth and eleventh grades.
Dog Training for Kids; Love and Success for All
Date: November 2016
Princess, a playful Border Collie dog who is deaf from birth, and Rafi, a rail-thin eighth grader who has seen his share of sorrow, are learning the language of love. Each week, Rafi and Princess meet at the sports field for an extracurricular Dog Training for kids course offered by Boys Town
Keeping it in the BTJ Family
Date: October 2016
As 32 out of Boys Town Jerusalem’s 100 seventh graders took their places in class on the first day of school, their teacher Rabbi Yosef Ben Zruel surveyed the rows of anxious students with a smile. “I look at you and I see myself,” he told them. “I remember my mother bringing me by bus to Boys Town
A New Year's Shopping Spree of Love
Date: October 2016
Even the most experienced “seen-it-all” shoppers in Jerusalem’s Malha Mall shot curious glances towards the tiny lady who ushered 20 teenage boys into top clothing shops to outfit them for the Jewish New Year. Moving swiftly from rack to rack, she deftly pulled out a selection of shirts, pants,
From Russia to Thai Boxing Champion
Date: August 2016
At the age of just 14, David Dikun left his widowed mother and two siblings behind in Odessa, Ukraine, to begin a new life on his own in Boys Town Jerusalem. Four years later, he’s not only graduating with honor, but also leaving something for his alma mater to keep: two top Israeli Thai Boxing
BTJ Camp is Where the Heart is
Date: August 2016
Like most day campers, over 100 seventh and eighth graders at Boys Town Jerusalem. are having the time of their lives playing ball, swimming, going bowling, and a host of other great adventures. Yet the everyday times of many of the campers’ lives are far from happy. For these youngsters, the BTJ
Determination and Strong Will Leads to Success
Date: August 2016
As he was named “Exemplary Student,” Daniel Shalom, 17, received a standing ovation from his class, his teachers, and entire audience of the Boys Town Jerusalem Class of 2016 Commencement Ceremony. “You are the symbol of excellence for this class,” declared Dean of Students Rabbi Meir Linchner. For
He Tutors Direct to the Heart
Date: July 2106
Along the wide corridors of Boys Town Jerusalem, 22-year -old Zacharya Gordon can almost never be seen walking alone. Crowds of enthusiastic BTJ students constantly surround the slim, blond native of Baltimore, Maryland, who has come to volunteer his services this summer as an English tutor and a
Computers can be Scary - BTJ Boys Help Conquer the Fear
Date: July 2016
Like numerous golden agers, they’ve unlocked many a mystery of life; nonetheless they are totally baffled by the everyday computer. But thanks to a course taught voluntarily by a team of energetic tenth graders at Boys Town Jerusalem, a group of Jerusalem senior citizens are slowly becoming
BTJ Takes Lead in Regional Sports Contest
Date: July 2016
Boys Town Jerusalem has clinched top awards in the recent Ministry of Education’s Regional Sports Competition for Yeshiva High Schools. In a highly competitive race, BTJ's Eleventh and Twelfth Grade team grabbed Second Place, and the Ninth and Tenth Grade team came in Third Place against
Giving of Themselves
Date: May 2016
Not even a bone chilling Jerusalem downpour could dampen the spirits of a group of tenth grade Boys Town Jerusalem students with a mission. As they do each Wednesday, the young men travelled across town by city bus to fulfill a steadfast commitment they’ve made to the less fortunate. Their
Paying Our Respects
Date: May 2016
For nearly two centuries, the “Pauper’s Cemetery” on Jerusalem’s Mount Zion has lain in desecration and ruin. Recently 400 Boys Town Jerusalem students paid a rare, posthumous tribute to the hundreds of Jewish poor and impoverished buried there by volunteering to clear layers of rubble that ravage
Cisco Champions
Date: May 2016
Boys Town Jerusalem High School students Meir Ben David, Daniel Avraham and Shaul Cohen scored a fifth place win in Israel’s first “IT Communications Networks” Championship Competition, held under the joint auspices of the Cisco Networking Academy and the Israeli Ministry of Education. At the first
From Yemen to CEO
Date: March 2016
Amir Kisar, 50, has been unanimously selected by the Boys Town Jerusalem Board of Directors to assume the position of CEO, following the retirement of Natan Tal. Kisar’s move to the CEO’S office marks the highest peak in a journey that began when he first entered Boys Town Jerusalem as a
Robo Champs
Date: March 2016
Adding new prizes to their glittering trophy case, the Boys Town Jerusalem’s Robotics Team was awarded First Prize for Presentation and Third Prize for Robot Performance in the recent 2016 FLL-Israel (“FIRST Lego League”) Regional Robotics Competition. For the three 15-year-old seasoned veterans
C# Electronically Challenging Our 14 Year Old Students
Date: February 2016
Want a head start in the Start-Up Nation? If so, Boys Town Jerusalem’s ninth grade is the place to be. Thanks to an innovative extracurricular program, 14-year-old BTJ students are now among the youngest in Israel being taught the advanced C# (“C-Sharp”) programming language. After only several
Dreams Do Come True
Date: February 2016
Sometimes the unthinkable happens. For Har-El* , one of eight children of Ethiopian-born immigrants, it all happened less than one week before his Bar Mitzvah. Har-El's uncle, a security guard turned his weapon on himself to commit suicide. His family was paralyzed by the tragedy. They sent
BTJ Grad Captures Terrorist
Date: January 2016
Hillel Hagar, 25, a graduate of Boys Town Jerusalem, caught and subdued an Arab terrorist fleeing the scene after stabbing and severely injuring a man. The stabbing took place in Jerusalem’s Givat Ze’ev neighborhood at a gasoline station adjacent to the bakery which Hagar manages.“I didn’t see the
Are We Up To Standard?
Date: January 2016
Recently, former Commander-in-Chief of the Israeli Navy Admiral Abraham Ben Shoshan paid a visit to Boys Town Jerusalem. The reason for his visit was to take a firsthand look at the cutting-edge technology training to prepare students for special IDF units. By his own admission, the admiral was
Love Makes a Bar Mitzvah Party
Date: January 2016
A Bar Mitzvah party was David's* dream for years. David, a studious, popular eighth grader at Boys Town Jerusalem, was looking forward to his dream coming true when the unthinkable happened. Six weeks before his 13th birthday, his parents filed for an ugly divorce. His parents blocked each
Remembering the Fallen - One of Our Own
Date: January 2016
Not a soul who heard the clear, sweet tones of Dror Frum’s voice could ever forget this talented singer. Tragedy struck in 2000 when Dror's voice was silenced. At the time of his death, Dror was serving in the Israeli Army. Today a new generation of youth from his Boys Town Jerusalem days is
Dogs Give Emotional Support to Rookie Trainers
Date: December 2015
Princess, a playful Border Collie dog who is deaf from birth, and Rafi, a rail-thin eighth grader who has seen his share of sorrow, are learning the language of love. Each week, Rafi and Princess meet at the sports field for an extracurricular Dog Training course offered by Boys Town Jerusalem
Oz, Our Hanukkah Miracle
Date: November 2015
This Hanukkah, one more miracle abounds as eleventh grade Boys Town Jerusalem student Oz Attal is taking an active role in the schoolwide celebrations. Just over three years ago, then 12-year-old Oz was hit and run over by a bus as he was coming home from Day Camp. The bright, popular Boys Town
BTJ Welcomes New French Students
Date: November 2015
As security fears shroud Jewish communities in France and Europe, 18 teenagers from France and Switzerland shouldered their book satchels on the first day of the 2015‐16 school year to enter the gates to Boys Town Jerusalem – and a new phase of their lives. These newest Israeli immigrants,
Terror too Close to Home
Date: November 2015
Boys Town Jerusalem eighth grader Shlomo Vaknin still trembles when he recalls the moment he discovered that his friend and neighbor Naor, 13, had been critically injured in a recent terrorist attack “Naor was riding his bicycle just outside the candy store near our home when he was attacked
Prayer Rally; Security Heightened
Date: November 2015
With ongoing terror attacks rocking Jerusalem, Boys Town Jerusalem has taken strict measures to protect the physical safety of its students, and to fortify their spiritual and emotional wellbeing. According to Dean Rabbi Moshe Linchner, “We’ve tightened our internal security to keep students safe
He Changed My Life - He Trusted Me
Date: October 2015
When Yoram Ram first entered Boys Town Jerusalem as a 13‐year‐old “problematic student” back in 1987, he could not have imagined that Boys Town would consistently remain his home till today—or that he would become a powerful force in the education and growth of generations of students.
Emergency Blood Drive at Boys Town
Date: October 2015
The present situation in Israel is not a simple one. Tensions are high in the streets. People are looking over their shoulders and listening to the news. Unfortunately, with this situation comes Magen David Adom's (MDA) plea for blood donations. Every year MDA visits Boys Town Jerusalem to get
Boys Town Jerusalem Closes School Early as Security Situation Deteriorates
Date: October 2105
Amid escalating terror attacks in Jerusalem, Boys Town Jerusalem has closed school at 1:30 PM today and dismissed over 900 students to their homes. The closure at Boys Town comes in conjunction with a strike called by parents at high schools throughout Israel’s capital. Sanctioned by Jerusalem
Only 13, But has a Huge Heart
Date: October 2015
The 5,720 miles that separate Marlboro, New Jersey from Jerusalem, Israel were recently bridged in an instant when one remarkable Bar Mitzvah Boy in Marlboro reached out to share with Jerusalem teens in need. The effort grew out of Seth Marx’s desire to combine the occasion of his upcoming Bar
Top 100 Teachers
Date: August 2015
Rabbi Elimelech Yaakov of Boys Town Jerusalem has been named one of the “Best 100 Teachers” by Israel’s Ministry of Education’s division for religious high schools, citing his “groundbreaking initiatives in education.” For the thousands of students whose lives Rabbi Elimelech has transformed, the
A Different Camp
Date: August 2015
While students the world over may count the minutes till the last day of school, Boys Town Jerusalem students can hardly wait till "The Day After". Less than 24 hours after the close of the school year, the Boys Town campus is already transformed into a high‐level, dynamic summer
Presidential Citation for Excellence
Date: August 2015
Israel Air Force Sergeant Matan Malichi, 21, a 2012 graduate of Boys Town Jerusalem, was among the 120 Israel Defense Forces soldiers cited for excellence by President Ruby Rivlin at a gala ceremony on Israel’s 67st Independence Day. The award was presented to Malichi and his comrades at the
His Home is now his Haven
Date: July 2015
From early morning till late evening, Dr. Maro Gete takes a vital role in the drama that unfolds daily at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center's Ear Nose and Throat and Head‐Neck Surgery Department. Here the young resident, who holds the distinction of being the sole
A Real Lifesaver
Date: July 2015
A team of four ninth‐graders from Boys Town Jerusalem has been awarded first place in the fourth annual “Jerusalem Fair for Scientific Research and Technological Solutions” held within the framework of Jerusalem Education Week. The Boys Town champs will now represent Jerusalem in the upcoming
Preventing Tragedies
Date: June 2015
Recent tragic railroad crossing accidents underscore the danger inherent at railroad crossings throughout the globe. A Boys Town Jerusalem student has devised an innovative solution to keep roads and lives safe when cars and trains intersect. Moshe Ukashi, 20, devoted his recent senior project at
Miracle for Osher
Date: June 2015
Osher (Hebrew for “happiness”) was just over fifteen when he suffered end-stage kidney failure, triggering a downward spiral of deterioration that even two years of intensive dialysis could not halt. Yet the closer he came to death, the harder Osher fought for life. His indomitable will, his strong
Soul Searching Experience
Date: May 2015
Just before Passover, 33 Boys Town Jerusalem students left the nascent Israeli spring to begin a chilling journey into the darkness of Poland, in the footsteps of millions of Holocaust victims. Although most of the eleventh and twelfth graders were of North African descent, with no direct family
Battlefield Miracles
Date: May 2015
Just eighteen months – and one terrible war – after he graduated from Boys Town Jerusalem, IDF Sergeant Oshri Turgeman returned to his alma mater on Memorial Day to pay tribute to his fallen comrades. Speaking before the student body, he shared details of his combat experiences and the miracles he
Holocaust Survivors Memories
Date: April 2015
As the Gottell family fled for their lives when the Nazis invaded France in 1942, they could have never imagined that their harrowing story would be perpetuated by a high school student in Jerusalem (whose family is from Iraq and Morocco) over 70 years later. Thanks to a new Israeli Ministry of
From France to Boys Town
Date: April 2015
This Passover, as Jews the world over marked the Children of Israel’s Exodus from Egypt, four of Israel’s newest immigrants marked their own personal Exodus to the Promised Land. Ariel Zigdon, 15, Eli Susanna, 14, and Benjamin Hirsch, 14, and Ariel Saban, 15, all left France with their families
Building Lives
Date: April 2015
An amazing transformation came over the Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus the very minute that 50 eleventh-graders from Boys Town Jerusalem came bearing five guitars, Purim costumes and bags of holiday treats. Although it took a full seven hours, the Boys Town troubadours managed to visit every
John Pomerantz Signing Diplomas
Date: March 2015
John Pomerantz signing diplomas for students from the FRED P. POMERANTZ TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER - a hi-tech modern facility for technological training. The school was dedicated by Mr. Pomerantz in memory of his late father, Fred P. Pomerantz.\r\n
Master Chefs Bake Purim Treats in the BTJ kitchen
Date: February 2015
Even Mordechai and Esther would have loved to lick the batter when renowned baker Tamar Ansh met to trade Purim recipes with renowned Boys Town Jerusalem chef Avi Chemal. The two cooked up their sumptuous array of Purim treats in the school’s kitchen with the assistance of four extremely
Robo Champs
Date: February 2015
In a sweeping show of robotic prowess, ingenuity, and tenacious teamwork, the Boys Town Jerusalem Robotics Team has clinched third place in the preliminary FLL-Israel (“FIRST Lego League”) Robotics Competition. The 12-man team of seventh, eighth and ninth graders is now gearing up for the upcoming
French Immigrant Students Pay Tribute
to Parisian Murder Victims
Date: January 13, 2015
Among the thousands of mourners in Jerusalem attending the funerals of the four Jews murdered in Paris were three Parisian-born teenagers who have recently immigrated to Israel and are presently studying at Boys Town Jerusalem. Aviel Zigdon, 15, Eli Susanna, 14, and Benjamin Hirsch, 14, who moved
French Students Encourage Brothers to Move
Date: January 2015
As French Jewry reels from the shock and pain of the recent disastrous terror attacks, three young immigrants to Israel now studying in Boys Town Jerusalem had a clear message for their fellow Jews remaining in France: “For the sake of your children, immigrate to Israel now!”Aviel Zigdon, 15, Eli
Date: January 2015
Nearly fifteen years after Boys Town Jerusalem made history by initiating the first “Cisco Networking Academy” in Israel, the current CEO of Cisco Israel, Boaz Maoz, paid a personal visit to the school to salute the pioneers. “Since the inception of the program in Israel, we’ve had close to 20,000
Fighting Poverty
Date: February 2015
With the latest Israeli statistics indicating a surge in poverty and a record number of children who go to sleep hungry, the head of Boys Town Jerusalem’s massive food services department is proud of the school’s ability to provide hearty, nutritious meals for students. Yet Mrs. Tova Rottenberg,
Sufganiot Recipe
Date: November 2014
SUFGANIOT RECIPE4 cups flour1 t. dry yeast½ c. milk½ cup sugar2 eggs4 T. of yogurt1 t. cognac1 ½ T. melted butterMake a well from the flour. Add yeast and a very small amount of warm water. Using a mixer or by hand, add the remainder of the ingredients and blend to form a smooth dough. Let stand
Helping Handicapped Drive
Date: November 2014
Boys Town Jerusalem College of Applied Engineering student Reuven Aknin has clinched second prize in a recent Israeli Ministry of Education contest for Electronic Projects for the Handicapped. His senior project, an innovative electronic “helmet” that could enable handicapped persons to drive a
An Outpouring of Love
Date: November 2014
Something wonderful happened at Boys Town Jerusalem the moment that Mr. Howard (Hal) Miller, his family and friends made their gala entrance to the school. “This is a rare opportunity to say thank you to an exceptional friend,” Dean of Students Rabbi Moshe Linchner told the students as they sang
Facing Terror in Jerusalem
Date: November 18, 2014
For Boys Town Jerusalem, the brutal, deadly terrorist attack on a Jerusalem synagogue just four miles away took on a very personal meaning. In the heat of the attack, Boys Town Director of Jewish Studies Rabbi Elimelech Yaakov received a phone call from Yosef Barazani, who graduated Boys Town in
Fighting Ebola
Date: October 2014
Political enmity faded last week as delegations from Israel and the Palestinian Authority met together with representatives of the World Health Organization to coordinate efforts to protect their populations from the Ebola epidemic threat.The Israeli team was headed by Boys Town Jerusalem graduate
Never Forgotten
Date: October 2014
Under the shadow of the recent Operation Defensive Edge conflict, Boys Town Jerusalem high school students visited the Mount Herzl Military Cemetery in preparation for the upcoming Jewish New Year. “The most powerful lessons about the spirit of humanity are to be found here, in the stories of those
An Awesome Sight
Date: October 2014
After over fifty years of hard wear and tear‐‐and just in time for the 2014‐15 school year‐‐ two main floors of the Boys Town Jerusalem high school have undergone extensive remodeling and an amazing facelift.As this year’s students filed in to their bright,
Saving Babies
Date: September 2014
As the summer heat swelters, media sources worldwide report tragic cases of toddlers suffocating from having accidentally been left in a car. In an effort to prevent further such loss of life, Boys Town Jerusalem student Issahar Edri devised a system to alert the driver that a child is still in the
From Sirens to School Bells
Date: September 2014
School bells replaced the sound of wailing sirens for Boys Town Jerusalem students from Israel’s south as the recent school year started. With the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas taking hold just several days beforehand, Operation Protective Edge—and one of the worst summer breaks these students
Date: August 2014
“The last time I caught a mouse was back in Ethiopia as a child,” smiled Feleke Takele, 22, as he adjusted a component in the complex electronic mousetrap prototype he created. “This is different,” he added. For this senior student in Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering,
Love Conquers Rockets
Date: July 2014
Even incessant deadly rocket fire cannot vanquish the power of parents’ love for their child and a school’s love for its graduates. For Chaim and Orli Ben‐David, residents of the war‐torn Israeli city of Netivot, the terrifying rocket attacks from nearby Gaza during “Operation
Profile in Courage
Date: August 2014
A miracle was marked at the Boys Town Jerusalem 2014 Graduation Ceremony when Oriel S. (*name changed) was named “Most Exemplary Student.” For 18‐year‐old Oriel, the prize was a sweet victory over many formidable hardships that could easily have driven him down. Instead, he’d simply
Report from the Front Lines
Date: July 2014
From the front lines in Gaza to the hard-hit Israeli South to our very own campus, Boys Town Jerusalem is actively involved in Israel's escalating battle against Hamas terrorists within the "Protective Edge" operation.~This week our campus became a haven for students and families
The Golden Boy
Date: June 2014
Boys Town Jerusalem eighth‐grader David Fitoussi swept the junior high division of the recent annual Israeli National Yeshiva High School Sports Tournament to bring home two gold medals to his alma mater. Fitoussi triumphed over contestants from 20 other schools from across Israel to win a
Extra Effort
Date: June 2014
When school was dismissed at Boys Town Jerusalem for the two‐week Passover break, one studious group remained in the still, empty halls to keep hard at work and glued to their books. The over 50 students in Boys Town’s College of Applied Engineering (CAE) were diligently preparing for the
"Superstar" High School Classmates Reunite
Date: May 2014
The year was 1987, and the 28 tenth graders who filed into Rabbi Elimelech Ya’akov’s Jewish studies class at Boys Town Jerusalem assumed that it was “just another class.” Twenty-seven years later, the grads—now prominent engineers, IDF officers, and educators—returned to Boys Town to definitively
Heroic Soldier's Inspiration - His Judaism
Date: May 2014
As the State of Israel marked Memorial Day to honor its 23,169 fallen soldiers who have made the supreme sacrifice to defend and strengthen the State of Israel, Israeli Army Lt. Colonel David Cohen returned to his Boys Town Jerusalem alma mater to share a message on bravery with today’s student
Protection from "Friendly Fire"
Date: May 2014
Uri Karazi’s brush with the tragedy of deadly “friendly fire” exchanges in Israel’s wars has sparked the battle of his life to harness technology to prevent such disasters. Karazi, who stands at the forefront of developing Israel’s sophisticated missile defense systems, recently returned to his
CEO Returns Home
Date: March 2014
In the late 1960s, Mr. Uri Ben Nun taught religious studies at Boys Town Jerusalem while working his way through Hebrew University. Over forty years later, the now‐legendary Israeli businessman and executive officer returned to the Boys Town campus to share pointers for success with the
Fear for Family
Date: March 2014
Although the violent unrest which has gripped the Ukraine is over 1,300 miles from Jerusalem, 25 Ukrainian-born teenagers living and studying in Boys Town Jerusalem are in a constant state of apprehension for the families they left behind there. “We’re offering psychological assistance for students
Start Up Nation
Date: February 2014
The Boys Town Jerusalem Robotics Team, composed of 10 junior high students who have been eating, sleeping and breathing robotics for months, was awarded first prize for Robot Mechanical Design in the recent FLL‐Israel (“FIRST Lego League”) Robotics Competition. Boys Town led all Jerusalem
New Lease on Life
Date: February 2014
Thirty years after he became a teacher, Rabbi Yisrael Broyer was assigned the greatest challenge of his career—teaching the special education class at Boys Town Jerusalem. Five years later, he’s still grappling daily with a host of formidable obstacles. Yet his fierce determination to give every
Planting New Roots
Date: January 2014
Following Israel’s recent devastating snowstorm, Boys Town Jerusalem students set about planting new saplings on campus to begin to replace the many stately trees which were destroyed. The planting coincided with the Tu B’Shvat festival, the Jewish “New Year of the Trees.” Said Dean of Students
Dream Comes True
Date: January 2014
When a caring couple from Los Angeles gave their love and support to youth-at-risk in Jerusalem, the result was a dormitory recreation room that dreams are made from. The new “Bagno Activity Center” at Boys Town Jerusalem, which opened its doors at the recent start of the school year, has become
Breaking The Ice
Date: December 2013
The rare raging storm and heavy snowfall that recently struck Jerusalem paralyzed the city with its frigid force. Yet for students and staff at Boys Town Jerusalem, it provided a (white) backdrop for an outpouring of heartwarming acts of kindness. School was cancelled Thursday as the teachers could
Businessman JOSH WESTON opens new Technological Horizons for Israeli Youth
Date: December 2013
MetroWest community leader and philanthropist Josh S. Weston stands tall among the select few prominent businessmen with a personal passion to change the face of technological education for tomorrow. On his recent visit to Boys Town Jerusalem, Weston dedicated a newly-renovated classroom and was
BTJ Introduces Artificial Intelligence
Date: December 2013
To cultivate Israel’s newest generations of hi‐tech professionals, Boys Town Jerusalem is introducing a new curriculum focused upon software engineering and artificial intelligence. The curriculum will be offered within the framework of the school’s precedent‐setting Comprehensive
Two Boys Two Futures
Date: December 2013
Ori and Noam are two young Israelis who shared a lot in common. Both suffered a very difficult childhood, darkened by the poverty of their single parent families. Both boys faced an uphill struggle in school, academically and socially. Both longed for a chance to somehow succeed. Yet only one was
YOUR Boys Helping Philippines Disaster Victims
Date: November 17, 2013
“Israeli aid to the Philippines victims of the typhoon disaster has brought our nations closer and improved our relations,” declared Philippines Ambassador to Israel Generoso D. G. Calonge, as he personally lent a hand to Boys Town Jerusalem students in packing relief supplies donated by the school
Every Day is Chanukah for Yoni
Date: November 2013
As the Chanukah holiday nears, most celebrants’ thoughts begin to turn towards sizzling latkes, the kindling of the Chanukah menorah, gifts, spinning dreidles, and the like. Yet for a Boys Town Jerusalem eighth-grader named Yoni, every day is Chanukah. Meet Mr. Yoni Chanukah, age 13-½, a
Latkes with Love
Date: November 2013
When the Chanukah festival comes to Boys Town Jerusalem, the school’s chef Avi Chamal sizzles up several thousand golden latkes with a very special twist. Chamal’s holiday creation: delectable, crispy sweet potato latkes with a distinctive bouquet of spices. “They’re healthy and they’re tasty—the
Saving Troubled Youth
Date: October 2013
The love and concern of a wonderful woman radiates from every corner of the bright, spacious new Counseling Center at Boys Town Jerusalem. The late Melissa Franya Miller, a “solution‐oriented psychotherapist” from Los Angeles who reached out to help troubled youth, carved a palpable legacy
Special Sound of Music
Date: October 2013
Some of the world’s most beautiful music fills the air every week in Jerusalem‐‐‐straight from the voices and guitars of high school boys to the hearts and souls of elderly dementia‐sufferers. Whenever 11 Boys Town Jerusalem students come to serenade the nearby “Melabev” Day
Mourning A Giant
Date: October 2013
As Israel and the Jewish world mourned the passing of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, one of Israel’s most revered religious leaders, the Boys Town Jerusalem family mourned a beloved friend.Boys Town Dean of Students Rabbi Moshe Lincher recalls how the bond between the school and Rabbi Yosef was forged in the
A New Year, A New Homeland
Date: September 2013
The hope and promise of the upcoming Jewish New Year will ring out on two sides of the world for scores of Russian‐born teenagers making the journey of their lives. For 17 of them, aged 15 and 16, this Rosh Hashanah will be the last holiday they’ll spend with their families before they leave
Top Prize
Date: September 2013
Boys Town Jerusalem’s teachers have been cited by the Israeli Ministry of Education for their exemplary performance in “promoting educational, ideological and scholastic excellence” among their students. Boys Town ranked in the very highest percentile among the top 207 schools in the nation
Summer to Remember
Date: August 2013
While most schools are closed and shuttered when the summer break begins, Boys Town Jerusalem’s campus was alive and buzzing with students. Behind the classroom doors are several hundred high school juniors and seniors studying diligently for their math and English matriculation exams in intensive
An Ethiopian Miracle
Date: August 2013
For 13 young men who have known their share of nightmares, their recent high school graduation ceremony from Boys Town Jerusalem’s Ethiopian program was a dream‐come‐true. At their side were the proudest parents in Israel, as they watched their sons receive the coveted diplomas.When
The Gift That Keeps Giving
Date: August 2013
Ten of Israel’s newest young immigrants from the Former Soviet Union were given the gift of a lifetime by donors living half a world away. The teenage boys, who live and study at Boys Town Jerusalem, were each presented with a set of tefillin (phylacteries), the essential ritual set of small
On the Cutting Edge
Date: July 2013
Israel’s newest state-of-the-art robotics laboratory, a gift of New Jersey Superior Court Judge David Follender, was dedicated on May 22nd at Boys Town Jerusalem. “With this donation, Judge Follender has invested wisely in the future of the Jewish People and the State of Israel,” Israeli Supreme
A Momentous Graduation
Date: July 2013
Jerusalem mother and housewife Rachel Achikam was beaming as she watched her son Avraham, 18, receive his high school diploma at his recent graduation ceremony at Boys Town Jerusalem. “He’s got a heart of gold‐‐‐I know how much he cares for others. I’m just so grateful that he
An Artistic Victory
Date: June 2013
Surely the Great Masters would have cracked a smile as Boys Town Jerusalem student Raviv Bussi clinched an award from the Ministry of Education’s National Exhibition for High School Art Graduates for his outstanding artwork. The motif of his winning project: a whimsical spoof on three
Wings with a Message
Date: June 2013
Levi Yitzchak Babai, a young man who pulled himself up by his boot straps, is flying high. Several weeks after his recent graduation from Boys Town Jerusalem’sCollege of Applied Engineering (CAE), 21‐year‐old Levi will be enlisting in the Israeli Air Force where his electronics skills
Two Worlds Unite
Date: May 2013
When 13‐year‐old Yitzy celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, he joined two worlds—and then some. From the start, this young, sensitive New York resident wanted to share his Bar Mitzvah celebration with his less‐privileged peers in Israel. More, he wanted his abundant Bar Mitzvah experience
Four Footed Friends
Date: May 2013
When the turmoil of adolescence becomes dangerously confusing and painful for Boys Town Jerusalem junior high students, salvation may come in the guise of a rabbit. Thanks to a new animal therapy program at the school, 53 youth at risk are gaining emotional stability from observing and caring for a
Fit For Life
Date: May 2013
One of Jerusalem’s finest fitness centers was recently dedicated at Boys Town Jerusalem by two of the school’s finest friends. Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Kathy Kaswell, both New York business executives, arrived in Jerusalem for the dedication ceremony of the new facility, which follows their 2009
BTJ's YouTube Hit
Date: March 2013
While Eliyahu, Yair, David and Ariel aren't yet John, Paul, Ringo and George, the young Israeli quartet has indeed taken their first steps to become a singing sensation. The four Boys Town Jerusalem students, technology majors who have a zeal for singing Jewish music, have just made their first
Top Gun
Date: March 19, 2013
Daniel C. was a frightened 10-year-old when he took his first airline flight, as he and his family fled Romania for Israel in 1991. Today, Daniel is one of the top combat pilots in the Israeli Air Force, and has recently been appointed the deputy commander of a major fighter-plane squadron. Yet his
Don't Give Up Loving Them
Date: January 2013
“You may be young, but you have a tremendous responsibility towards the elderly in your family and in the Israeli nation,” Motti Zelikovitch, 55, told students at his alma mater of Boys Town Jerusalem. Zelikovitch, who serves as the director-general of the award-winning Israeli “Melabev”day-care
Advice From Nobel Prize Winner
Date: January 2013
When Boys Town Jerusalem students met Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Yisrael (Robert) Aumann, the game of life took on a new meaning for the high school students. Awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize for Economics for his groundbreaking work on conflict and cooperation through “game theory” analysis,
Acing The Test
Date: December 2012
Boys Town Jerusalem was officially commended by the Israeli Ministry of Education for the school’s impressive percentage of students awarded full matriculation certificates. While the national average among Israeli high schools stands at 50%, Boys Town’s average is 73.5%. The Ministry of Education
"Pillar Of Defense" Over, But Trauma Continues
Date: November 2012
“What’s life like in Beersheva and the rest of Israel’s south? There’s no life at all!” said Harel Chazan, a senior at Boys Town Jerusalem, when Israel’s “Pillar of Defense” operation raged against Gaza. “But this isn’t anything new, really. We haven't been able to leave our homes, walk in the
A Haven for those Under Fire
Date: November 15, 2012
As the Israel Defense Forces “Pillar of Defense” operation rages to deal a blow to the deadly arsenals in Hamas-controlled Gaza, Israelis are struggling to assist their thousands of citizens under heavy rocket fire barrage. In both efforts, Boys Town Jerusalem is taking an active role. “Wherever
Miracle Bar Mitzvah is a Study in Courage
Date: December 2012
Oz Atal’s Bar Mitzvah was never supposed to be this way. The bright, outgoing youngster was diligently learning to chant his Torah portion and couldn’t wait to celebrate the event with his family and his eighth-grade Boys Town Jerusalem classmates. Yet no one could have imagined the tragedy that
Philippine Vice President Binay Visits BTJ
Date: November 2012
Following consultations with President Shimon Peres and prominent Israeli politicians and commercial leaders on his recent trip to Israel, Philippine Vice President Jejomar C. Binay paid a visit to Boys Town Jerusalem. As he was warmly received by students waving Israeli and Philippine flags, the
From Russia, with Hopes and Dreams
Date: November 2012
For nearly 60 hours, Stepan Tugleva, 13, and his mother travelled by train from their native Orenburg, Russia (near Siberia and Kazakhstan) to Moscow and back, crossing two continents, major rivers, mountain ranges, and countless towns. During their long, long journey, mother and son grappled with
Bridge To The Future
Date: October 2012
“You are a crucial bridge to the future---and a part of the miracle of the creation of the Jewish State. Thus you are compelled to convey the memory of the Holocaust to the upcoming generations,” Chicago attorney Michael Traison told 10th grade students at Boys Town Jerusalem. For Traison, a
Going Green
Date: October 2012
After over 50 years of hard wear and tear, Boys Town Jerusalem’s classrooms are beginning to get a much-needed facelift---in vibrant hues of green. The campus-wide “green” renovation project is aimed to re-furbish rundown classrooms, using the latest in environmentally-friendly construction.“Thanks
A Lifeline
Date: September 2012
In a rare appointment, the Israeli Ministry of Education has selected Boys Town Jerusalem to open its third “mainstreaming” class in the 2012/13 school year to serve special-needs students. The new 7th grade class will join the 10th and 12th grade classes now operating in the school. “Very few
From Ethiopia to the Finish Line
Date: September 2012
Their journeys began with painful, arduous and even frightening steps. Yet today, they are running the last stretch with leaps and bounds. Five years after immigrating to Israel, Boys Town Jerusalem’s Ethiopian students are now beginning their senior year at the school. By all standards, their
Tons of Help for Rosh Hashana
Date: September 2012
The entire student body of Boys Town Jerusalem volunteered to pack 2000 boxes of food for pre‐holiday distribution to needy families in the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv regions. Prior to Rosh Hashana, the Boys Town campus was transformed into a food warehouse, as tractors and forklifts delivered
BTJ Camp Changing Lives
Date: August 2012
Summer vacation for 25 tenth graders at Boys Town Jerusalem began with a grueling, intensive and extremely demanding “boot camp” to boost their mental stamina. Three weeks later, 25 alert, confident champions emerged, equipped with skills and knowledge they’ll use for life. These students were
Concern for Jews in Iran
Date: June 2012
As the world ponders a possible Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear installations, three senior students at Boys Town Jerusalem—recent immigrants from Iran—are concerned for the fate of the 20,000-strong Iranian Jewish population. “An Israeli attack on Iran would result in 20,000 hostages,” said
French Students Flock to BTJ
Date: June 2012
Against the backdrop of rampant anti-Semitism in France, a number of French teenagers recently came to Paris to take the first step on a journey that will lead them to Israel-- alone. But for most, it will also be the first step to bring their own families closer to joining them in Israel for
Israel's First and Only
Date: May 2012
At the start of the school year, Boys Town Jerusalem students made history by becoming Israel’s first—and only—school to offer a curriculum in “Open Source Computer Operating Systems” (the Oracle Corporation’s “OpenSolaris”). At the close of the school year, five Boys Town students were invited to
From Morocco to Jerusalem
Date: June 2012
Over 50 years later, one of Israel’s distinguished, veteran judges can still recall the day that his education and future were transformed. “I was a youngster living with my parents and seven siblings in a makeshift immigrant camp in Beer Sheva, after emigrating from Morocco to the
Music In The Air
Date: MAY 2012
While the hum of computers or the high note of a robot extending his electronic arm are the most likely trills to be heard in the technology-based halls of Boys Town Jerusalem, the sound of (real) music is now loud and clear. Thanks to the recent generous gift of Boys Town supporters in Canada, the
Gone But Not Forgotten
Date: MAY 2012
After Tzvi Sapir’s elderly parents died, there was no one left in the world to say kaddish (the memorial prayer for the dead) for Tzvi, their only child, who had been killed soon after he enlisted in the Israeli Army in 1962. Yet today, at a ceremony marking Israel’s Memorial Day, hundreds of
Concern for Jews in Iran
Date: Spring 2012
As the world ponders a possible Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear installations, three senior students at Boys Town Jerusalem—recent immigrants from Iran—are concerned for the fate of the 20,000-strong Iranian Jewish population. “An Israeli attack on Iran would result in 20,000 hostages,” said
New Land, New Victory
Date: APRIL 2012
As 550 high school students from across Israel converged on Jerusalem for a contest of stamina, mental and physical dexterity, one of the smallest teams— 10 new Ethiopian immigrants who study at Boys Town Jerusalem—came in first place. The victory was especially sweet for these young men, marking
Kindertransport Comes to BTJ
Date: APRIL 2012
Sisters Bertha Leverton(r) and Inge Sadan(l)were just children in 1939 when they escaped Nazi-controlled Munich, Germany to find refuge in the United Kingdom. The two sisters were among the 9,500 children from Germany and Austria who left their parents to join the “Kindertransport” to freedom. “I
Slain Teacher Mourned by Students
Date: March 2012
Last year, before Rabbi Jonathan Sandler returned to his native Toulouse, France to teach in the Ozar Hatorah School, he came to teach ninth graders at Boys Town Jerusalem's "Naale Zion" program for French immigrants. Although the Boys Town work was required for Rabbi Sandler to
Robo Champs
Date: February 2012
In a triumph of man over machines---or man triumphantly harnessing a machine’s potential --a team of seven 9th graders at Boys Town Jerusalem clinched First Place in “Robot Strategy and Innovation” at the regional competition of the FLL (First Lego League) Israel. Yet, even as they watched their
Students Under Attack
Date: March 2012
As a shaky ceasefire goes into effect, Israel has emerged from four days of hostilities and over 200 deadly rockets fired at Israeli cities from Gaza. Within the Boys Town Jerusalem “family,” students and graduates alike have played a key role in the army’s remarkable technological feats—and the
Age Old Ceremony - Pidyon Haben
Date: February 2012
Eleven new immigrant students from Russia—all first-born sons--were “redeemed” in a moving Pidyon HaBen ceremony held recently at Boys Town Jerusalem. The age-old, symbolic redemption of the first-born, which usually takes place when a child is one month old, may be carried out from age 13 by an
A Visit From “HOME”
Date: February 2012
A group of rabbis and teachers from Boys Town Jerusalem, led by associate dean of students Rabbi Meir Linchner, traveled to the “Palmachim Air Force Base” to pay a personal visit to the nearly 30 graduates headquartered at this base. The BTJ grads, from privates to high-ranking career officers,
Advice From A Minister
Date: February 2012
Alex Belokopitov, a Russian-born Israeli student at Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering, never dreamed who would be offering him sage advice on his senior solar energy project: none other than the Minister of National Infrastructure Uzi Landau. On a recent visit to Boys Town, the
Quenching A Nation's Thirst
Date: February 2012
Although he’s virtually unknown to the public eye, Shai Dreizen, 48, is responsible for providing over one million Israelis with the very water they drink. As general manager of the Ashkelon Water Desalination Plant, the largest of its kind in the world, Dreizen stands at the helm of a
Acts Of Kindness
Date: February 2012
Just in time for the upcoming Tu B’Shvat (New Year of the Trees) celebration, a hardy group of Boys Town 10th graders volunteered their time and efforts to help prepare food packages for needy Jerusalem families. After assembling cardboard cartons and sorting out the hundreds of food products
Double Feature
Date: Januaryr 2012
Twice as much as their fellow students, four sets of twins are studying and thriving at Boys Town Jerusalem. Identical twins Eitan and Re’em Bernstein and Elnatan and Uriel Ben Chamo (8th grade) have succeeded in confounding students and faculty into thinking they’re seeing double. Fraternal twins
Minister on the Roof
Date: December 2011
Israeli Minister of Science and Technology Rabbi Professor Daniel Hershkowitz climbed atop the roof of Boys Town Jerusalem to inaugurate the school’s new solar energy system. The ceremony, held just before Chanukah, included the hookup of a special photovoltaic panel to kindle the school’s
From Westchester To Jerusalem
Date: November 2011
A Thanksgiving weekend "chesed" project by students from the Westchester Day School put smiles on the faces of Boys Town Jerusalem students thousands of miles away. The diligent Westchester kids—including fourth through eighth graders—volunteered to make colorful bookmarks for less
IDF Spokesperson at BTJ
Date: November 2011
Six months after being named to the prestigious post of Chief Spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces, Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai came back to his high school alma mater, Boys Town Jerusalem. "I began my journey here," he told students and faculty. "This is where I learned
Boys Best Friend
Date: November 2011
Seven frisky dogs and 14 eager seventh graders at Boys Town Jerusalem have become best friends indeed, thanks to an innovative new extra-curricular activity aimed to teach the youngsters to train dogs. For the canines, this interaction can improve their chances of being adopted or becoming a
Self Defense At BTJ
Date: September 2011
At age 16, Jeremy Azar clinched the title as the “Thai Boxing” Champion of France. Now 33, the martial arts champ is contending in a very different, but no less challenging arena: teaching 16-year-old students at Boys Town Jerusalem to become tolerant, level-headed young men--who are highly skilled
A+ Teacher
Date: October 2011
When Boys Town Jerusalem computer instructor Shlomo Saruk was recently named one of the top 100 teachers in Israel, he defied both the odds and fate itself. The 54-year-old teacher, who has initiated some of the nation’s top computer technology programs during his 30 years at Boys Town, never
A Perfect Score
Date: June 2011
Ashnafeh Entenne and Aterso Ubayu, both 16 years old, finished all formal schooling in their native Ethiopia by grade three. When they reached Israel four years ago, they returned to the schoolroom at last-- literally worlds away-- in a program for new Ethiopian immigrants at Boys Town Jerusalem.
Opportunity Of A Lifetime
Date: September 2011
Just before the Jewish New Year began, 21 young Jewish teenage boys began a new life in a new land, leaving their families behind in Russia to come to Israel. The intrepid 14-year-olds were bound for Boys Town Jerusalem, where they will live and study in the special Russian-language “Ohr Dessa”
New Year’s “Blast” At Boys Town Jerusalem
Date: September 2011
In preparation for the upcoming Jewish New Year, seventh graders at Boys Town Jerusalem took a deep breath before testing their prowess at the complex art of “shofar” blowing. The shofar is the traditional ram’s horn, whose awe-inspiring blasts have sounded for the Jewish People from time
Training R & D Experts
Date: September 2011
Twenty-five of the best and brightest new high school grads in Israel have just tackled a major challenge aimed to contribute to Israel's safety. The young men, who hail from cities throughout Israel, all excelled in their majors of English, math or physics. Although currently they have no
Under Fire
Date: September 2011
For a number of students at Boys Town Jerusalem, "back-to-school" this September meant coming back from a deadly nightmare that was real. These young students are residents of cities in Israel’s south, which came under an ongoing hail of lethal rocket fire throughout the summer. Among
Robotic Seeing-Eye Dog
To help grant the blind greater independence in life skills, three Boys Town Jerusalem students have devoted their senior project to harness technology--and the "artificial intelligence" of robots"to produce a robotic seeing-eye dog. Menashe Mondaneh, Lior Or-Hayim and Oriel Manzur, who majored in
From Desert to Desktop
Three years after taking their first steps into an Israeli high school, 14 young Ethiopian immigrants at Boys Town Jerusalem have passed the true acid test for entry to Israeli student life: Like nearly every 10th grader in the country, they recently took the national, standardized bagrut
Building for the Future
While Boys Town Jerusalem’s students are home enjoying their summer vacation, the school’s campus is a lively hub of construction for four major projects that will greatly enrich the students’ security, environment, body and soul: The school’s newly-installed solar energy system is already
French Connection
As growing anti-Semitism poses a greater threat for the French Jewish community, Boys Town Jerusalem celebrated the 10th anniversary of a phenomenal program to transplant young French students into the safety of the State of Israel. In 2001, Boys Town launched the "Na’ale Zion" program to provide
Mother Rachel
One of the busiest offices at Boys Town Jerusalem is officially called the Registrar’s Office. For the past 23 years, it has been managed by a woman named Rachel, fondly called “Mother Rachel” by students. No matter how full her office may be, it’s clear why the students link her with our Matriarch
Shared Pride
Two of the proudest people at the recent Boys Town Jerusalem high school graduation were 12th grader Menashe Mondaneh and his father, Yosef. "My father is one of the most special people in the world," declared Menashe, as he guided his father’s wheelchair into the packed auditorium. "There’s no one
Against All Odds
This year, Rabbi Elimelech Ya’akov, legendary principal of Boys Town Jerusalem, found it more difficult than ever to select the four top students for valedictorian awards at the Class of 2011 commencement ceremony. So many students had made such outstanding accomplishments that the task was a
Seven Faces
On his last day before graduating Boys Town Jerusalem, Raphael Weissmann took seven hard looks at himself. Surrounded by an exhibition of the seven self-portraits he had painstakingly drawn over the past year, he lingered before each pastel depiction. “Officially, this is my art matriculation
A Mayor's Note
For Herbert Bautista, mayor of Quezon City, the most populous city in the Philippines, a visit to Boys Town Jerusalem high on the agenda of his recent visit to Israel. Accompanied by Vice-Mayor Joy Belemonte, and Strategic Communications Coordination Chief Regina Samson, Mayor Bautista was given a
Real Life Hero
IDF Lieutenant Colonel D.*, a Boys Town Jerusalem graduate who commands a combat regiment defending Israel’s southern border, returned to his alma mater on Memorial Day to convey an important message to today’s students: "You are exposed to more dangers than was the case in my generation. Your
500 Years Later
In the darkest days of the Spanish Inquisition in the late 1400s, the Jews of Spain and Portugal were tortured and murdered for refusing to convert to Christianity. A number of Jews, called marranos, chose to openly convert, yet secretly continued to observe their Jewish customs. Some 500 years
A Survivors Message
“Don’t dwell on how pathetic you may think a Holocaust survivor is. We are strong, and we are living proof that you must look ahead, not behind,” declared 83-year-old Avraham Carmi—a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto and 10 concentration camps—in a talk to students at Boys Town Jerusalem. Carmi
Robo Champs Again
After weeks of intensive late-night preparation, a stalwart eight-member team of Boys Town Jerusalem 9th graders recently entered the "combat zone" to spar in battle. Their weapon: a mighty, motorized foot-tall robot, composed of hundreds of multi-colored Lego pieces and a computerized "brain," all
College of Applied Engineering 2011 Graduation
"You have been given the very finest technological and Jewish education, fully preparing you to assume crucial roles in the Israeli Defense Forces," said Lieutenant Colonel Benayahu Jamus, Chief Rabbi of the Israeli Navy, to the graduates of Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering
Twenty "Next Generation" community leaders, from South Florida, Philadelphia and Toledo traveled to Israel on Boys Town Jerusalem’s Men’s Mission. The action-packed March 29-April 5th trip was co-chaired by Stephen Fiske, Jeffrey Herman and Glenn Moses. The goal of the Mission was to familiarize
Breaking News: Our Boys Bring Home the Gold
In a sweeping victory, Boys Town Jerusalem’s athletic team took first prize in the Light Athletics Division of the annual National Yeshiva High School Sports Tournament, held at the Givat Washington Sports Institute. The winning Boys Town team trounced 24 other schools from across the nation to
Thank You 73 Years Later
Nearly 75 years after the Philippine government took bold steps to offer refuge to Jews under Nazi persecution, Israel’s youngest generation recently paid tribute to the Philippine nation. At a ceremony at Boys Town Jerusalem, in the presence of Philippine Ambassador to Israel Petronila P. Garcia
To the IDF with Love
Seventh graders at Boys Town Jerusalem the youngest students in the school, set about with a zeal to pack over 100 Purim mishloach manot (food packages) to be delivered to BTJ graduates now serving in the Israeli army. Each package contained traditional hamentashen, cakes, snacks and beverages for
Brigadier General Ran Levy, head of the Materiel Directorate of the Israeli Air Force, paid a visit to Boys Town Jerusalem last week to share his insights with students and to familiarize himself with the advanced technological subjects they are studying. General Levy, one of six brigadier generals
The moment Shmuel David graduated Boys Town Jerusalem in 1997, he reached for the sky. He enlisted in the Israeli Air Force, became an officer and spent nearly a decade training soldiers for the highly-advanced F15-I Eagle ("Ra’am") fighter plane. Now employed as an electronics engineer back in
Nir Buzaglo, 31, who heads the Magen David Adom Blood Donations for the Jerusalem region, recently returned to Boys Town Jerusalem, his alma mater, to take command of a lifesaving mission. Concerned by the severely depleted reserve of blood units throughout Israel, the school had organized a blood
“Sometimes, my mind suddenly jolts me back in time to see myself as the sassy troublemaker I was when I started Boys Town in 7th grade. I look at that kid and think how hard it must have been for my teachers to turn me around. But now I can see that they gave me the greatest gift of a lifetime,”
BTJ Selected By The Israeli Army To Offer MAROM’ Program to Train Specialists in R&D
The Israel Defense Forces has selected Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering (CAE) as one of five training centers in the nation to offer the “Marom” program, aimed to train top-level students in technological research and development skills prior to their IDF enlistment. The
Over 60 years ago, when Boys Town Jerusalem founder Rabbi Alexander Linchner established this groundbreaking institution to provide vocational skills coupled with solid academics and Jewish studies for immigrant youth pouring into the new State of Israel, he desperately needed the assistance of
Sixteen teenage boys from cities across the Ukraine arrived in Israel at the start of the school year to begin a very exciting new chapter in their young lives. As participants in Boys Town Jerusalem’s Russian-language “Ohr Dessa” program, they are now living on the Jerusalem-based campus and
Boys Town Jerusalem has been selected by the Israeli Ministry of Education as one of 25 schools in the entire country to offer an intensive, augmented curriculum of technological studies, set to begin at the upcoming school year. The move is part of a major national undertaking to boost the
Jerusalem’s First Solar Powered Menorah
This Chanukah, Jerusalem’s first solar-powered menorah, will be "lit" during the holiday atop a roof on the school in Bayit Vegan neighborhood - the highest point in metropolitan Jerusalem. In a precedent-setting move, Boys Town Jerusalem became the first school in Jerusalem—and among
Fourth Generation of Beren Family Attends Dedication of New State-of-the-Art Israel Henry Beren Electronics Center
The fourth generation of the philanthropic Beren family was represented at a ceremony dedicating the new Israel Henry Beren Electronics Center. Elizabeth Jefferson and her brother Alexander, great niece and nephew of Israel Henry Beren, toured the Boys Town campus with newly elected Jerusalem Mayor
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