Meet Our Students

Meet Our StudentsThe Boys Town student body is a reflection in miniature of the diverse ethnic makeup of Israel's Jewish population. Throughout the years, students have come from homes located in over 140 communities throughout Israel. They are primarily made up of the children and grandchildren of Jewish immigrants who have come to Israel to build a new life over the past 52 years.

Our students trace their family roots to 45 various countries on 6 continents. Yet, despite their very diverse family and ethnic backgrounds, they study and live in harmony together on the Boys Town campus. During their years at Boys Town, they learn that, thanks to their shared Jewish heritage, they have far more in common to unite them than differences to divide them. At Boys Town, their different backgrounds and individual family histories are woven together to further strengthen the fabric of Israeli society.

On the next pages, you will meet some of them individually, and learn a little about their backgrounds. Their pictures and stories are a "Passport to Nachas."

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