Noam isn’t really part of a family

Noam doesn’t remember living with both his parents at the same time. Before Noam turned one, his parents divorced, and neither of them wanted him.

Noam ended up living with his mother, but after she remarried and started a new family, she forgot about him. Feeling unwanted, he left her house at the age of 14. He moved into his grandmother’s house, but he doesn’t have a bed or a room to call his own.

Even though he is only a teenager, he supports his father

Noam works at Boys Town Jerusalem during the summer, but he doesn’t keep the money. Instead, Noam gives it to his father, who is unemployed and has to pay alimony to his second family.

Everyone forgot Noam’s birthday

Last year, on Noam’s birthday, no one called him to wish him a happy birthday. Not his mother, father, grandmother, or any other relative.

This year, we made sure to celebrate

This year, the staff at BTJ decided Noam was going to have a proper birthday. We made a cake, decorated a room, and surprised Noam on his birthday!

Noam was ecstatic, and you could see him smiling for the rest of the day.

Noam isn’t the only boy at Boys Town Jerusalem with a situation like this. You can help us make a difference in their lives. Click here to learn more.

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