12 ½ year-old Joshua heard the police siren growing louder as the officers reached the door of his father’s girlfriend’s apartment. Joshua fled there to be with his dad, even though the court ordered his mother major custody of the children.

You see, Joshua and his mother fight a lot.

“Before the pandemic, Joshua’s father would take his children out to eat, yet the lockdown makes this impossible,” says Boys Town Jerusalem social worker Hadas Knopf. “With the father now living with his girlfriend, it is in violation of the divorce stipulations to bring the children there. His mother’s frequent calls to the police terrify the children.”

Both Hadas Knopf and Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz were called to come to the aid of the new seventh grader in crisis. “Sadly, neither parent is particularly stable, and Joshua is bearing the brunt of their failure,” Hadas explained.

Despite Joshua’s traumatic homelife, Hadas notes that he is a likeable kid with good learning skills who tries hard to keep up with his distance learning.

“Thanks to the generosity of an overseas donor, we were able to give him a computer of his own, which is a priceless gift for now. Although there are no classes on campus, Joshua comes to me several times each week for therapy, and I meet with his parents as well.”

“What is your dream?” Hadas asked Joshua recently. “I’ve lost the dream that my parents will ever get back together,” he answered wistfully. “I just dream now to be free to do what I want: to go to my father or to go to my mother. I guess I need them both.”

Joshua’s parents cannot afford his tuition, and certainly not his therapy. Your contributions to our Social Services Center enables boys like Joshua to get the help they need.

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