As others fled for their lives, IDF Brigadier General (res) Ben Zvi Elyassi, 55, has raced straight into the world’s most devastating disasters throughout his 30-year military career, directing rescue efforts for victims of war, terrorism, earthquakes and more.

Today, the 1982 Boys Town Jerusalem graduate stands at the head of a massive IDF Home Front campaign to provide aid to thousands of residents of Corona-struck neighborhoods throughout Jerusalem and its environs.

Just six weeks ago, General Elyassi was called into this latest battle, taking command over hundreds of IDF Home Front soldiers assigned to provide essential services in the nation’s capital locked down under coronavirus restrictions. Partnering with the Jerusalem Municipality, the police, and the General Security Services, Gen. Elyassi’s soldiers have manned an ongoing precision-planned operation to pack and hand-deliver tens of thousands of boxes of food products and other essential goods to elderly and sick residents of Jerusalem, both Jewish and Arab.

Although he recently retired from active duty, Gen. Elyassi, a renowned expert in Israeli rescue and relief operations, devotes well over 100 days a year in the IDF Reserves instructing mayors of Israeli cities in civil disaster preparation and recovery. “It’s gratifying to now witness how this preparation enabled the Jerusalem Municipality to smoothly and confidently tackle the enormous demands of coronavirus relief for the at-risk population,” he noted.

Now the father of five and grandfather of three, Ben Zvi Elyassi is one of six children of Iranian immigrants to Israel. “To this day, my Boys Town Jerusalem education has had a profound influence on my life,” the courageous general declares. “Here I gained not only top technical skills, but the motivation to dedicate my life to helping others and to be a leader. The Jewish values I learned, particularly a respect for the sanctity of human life, guide my every effort in the military and in building the State of Israel.”

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