No boy should have to go through what Oren experiences on a daily basis.

Oren faced tragedy

Oren’s sister tragically died last year. While he is still in shock and mourning for her, Oren has no support system. His parents are divorced; his father lives abroad, and his mother is depressed.

It’s important to help Oren any way we can

While we can’t take away his terrible pain, Boys Town Jerusalem is doing everything we can to help him heal. Oren meets with our social worker regularly, and he takes part in special therapy sessions with other bereaved students.

The biggest breakthrough, however, comes from the sports field.

Oren found some release playing basketball

Oren never played sports before, but – as a suggestion from one of his rabbis – Oren started playing basketball. He’s become quite passionate about it, and it gives him a release from his pain.

“For all of us who care for and love him,” says housemother Rachel Cohen-Pur, “this first crack of light is a beacon of hope.”

Oren is currently on a full scholarship because his mother cannot pay any fees for tuition, room, board, or extracurricular activities. If you’d like to help Oren and other boys like him, click here.

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