Meet Liam, a 9th grader who’s dealing with tension at home.

Liam lives in our dormitory

Liam’s parents are in the midst of a bad divorce, and the arguing is taking its toll on him. He’s been sleeping in our dormitory every night, even on weekends. But with the school year ending, Liam feels as if he has nowhere to go.

“If I can’t live here at the dorm, I will have to live at home, and I can’t be there right now.”

Fortunately for Liam, Boys Town Jerusalem has a summer camp!

Our summer camp is a haven for Liam

Our summer camp gives boys like Liam the chance to have a normal summer. Instead of the hardships at home, boys can swim, play sports, and go on trips like any other kid.

Not only will our camp give Liam the ability to stay in the dorms, it will give him the summer of a lifetime.

Because of the divorce, Liam’s parents don’t have the money to pay for camp, but for just $360, you can send Liam to our camp!

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