Rav Yoram’s Home at BTJ


When Yoram Ram first entered Boys Town Jerusalem as a 13‐year‐old “problematic student” back in 1987, he could not have imagined that Boys Town would consistently remain his home till today—or that he would become a powerful force in the education and growth of generations of students.

Today Rabbi Yoram Ram, the son of Yemenite immigrants to Israel, lives on the Boys Town campus with his wife (whom he met when she was working as a secretary at Boys Town) and six children.

In his dual capacity as Assistant High School Principal as well as the head of the BTJ Dormitories, Rabbi Ram is directly responsible for the wellbeing of hundreds of students.

Yet on a personal level, his mandate is to entrust his students with responsibility and faith, the two elements his own teachers gave him that transformed his life.

“My entire life changed the day my high school teacher told me that he fully trusted me to take responsibility for overseeing a project for other students. He handed me the keys to various places across the campus, and I knew that I had to prove myself worthy of his trust. Ultimately this was the most valuable gift I ever received.”

Yoram went on to become a serious, exemplary student and a successful soldier in the IDF Central Command. Based in Jerusalem during his military service, he retained his room in the Boys Town dormitory.

Following his marriage, Yoram and his wife made their home on the BTJ campus where he took a job as a dormitory counselor. Over the years, Yoram continued working at Boys Town as he completed his BA studies in Education and Counseling and his rabbinical ordination.

“In essence, Boys Town Jerusalem has been my home in every sense of the word for the past thirty-three years,” Rabbi Ram admits with a smile. “I’ve served here as a teacher, a faculty supervisor, and in various administrative positions. In my current roles I’m involved with faculty, students and parents round the clock.

“Boys Town Jerusalem demands a great deal more than most schools, with its intensive, exhausting and very rewarding three‐pronged curriculum of academics, technology and Jewish studies.

My challenge is to give students the toolbox that will serve them for life, containing the supreme Jewish morals and ethics that enable an individual to stand up to the most stringent pressures. And, of course, a resolute sense of responsibility and self‐discipline.”

True to his tradition, Rabbi Ram selects a number of students each year for special projects and missions. “As I hand a young boy a key ring that may even include the key to the safe, I tell him that I have full confidence in his honesty and his commitment. I hear the words of my own teachers echoing in my head, and I’m certain that the respect and confidence that starts here will grow far beyond Boys Town’s walls to benefit the world at large.”

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