During the last decade of her long life, pianist Ruth Coruh had only one student, Gavri Kepets of Teaneck, NJ. When Gavri, now 19, left for a year’s study in Israel last summer, he took along a top-quality electronic piano keyboard in order to continue studying “long distance” with his beloved teacher. This April, 97-year-old Ruth Coruh passed away. In her memory – and to the delight of disadvantaged boys dreaming of learning piano – Gavri donated his keyboard to Boys Town Jerusalem.

“I looked for a way to honor a woman as wonderful as Ruth,” Gavri explained. “Donating the keyboard to young boys seemed a great way to encourage her passion for piano, and I knew that Boys Town Jerusalem was the perfect place.” Already a seasoned donor to the school, Gavri was only 13 when he first reached out to help needy BTJ students by organizing a Bar Mitzvah project to collect soccer equipment for the school.

Last week, Gavri personally delivered the piano keyboard to Boys Town Jerusalem’s extracurricular Music Department, where he was welcomed by choir students rehearsing for an upcoming performance. Gavri carefully lifted the keyboard from its case and agreed to play an impromptu prelude for his enthusiastic audience.

Your gift will be put to great use,” director of the department Nir Cohen assured Gavri. “There are many boys here who want to learn piano, but the portable keyboard we own is not suitable for teaching piano. This full-sized digital piano keyboard – complete with weighted keys and seven octaves – will open new worlds.”

Gavri Kepets was delighted. “I know from experience that music will take you places that you never imagined.” Now heading home to begin his university studies, Gavri was most pleased that Ruth Coruh’s legacy would continue at Boys Town Jerusalem. “Ruth was an amazing person who survived the Holocaust by virtue of her ability as a pianist,” Gavri explained. “After her escape to America as a young teenager, she quickly rose to fame. I had the honor of learning music and much, much more from her.”

Rabbi Meir Linchner, dean of Boys Town Jerusalem, praised Gavri’s deeds. “Beyond his gifts and concern for our school, Gavri has given our students an example of true generosity. This is the most precious gift of all.”


  1. Eva Deutsch Costabel says:

    Dear friends,

    I am an artist living in New York, I would ike to donate couple of paintings to Boys Town Jerusalem. I belive I have donate few of them some time ago.

    Shalom Eva Deutsch Costabel

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