Fundraise For A Cause

Disadvantaged Children


Moshe’s mother came to meet with our Principal. She insisted on her son staying in the dormitory. They lived within 15 minutes of campus and if its a stable environment it is best for a child to live with family. The mother kept pushing and insisting on Moshe living in the dormitory. Finally, she broke down in tears and said ” if Moshe stays in the dormitory he will receive dinner, at home I have no food to serve him.” Of course we accepted Moshe into the dormitory immediately. This sad situation is unfortunately all too common with the students we care for. Keep in mind that all the boys receive breakfast and lunch on campus but she couldn’t even provide dinner.

Boys Town Jerusalem’s kitchen is one of the few Israeli educational institutions to prepare and serve 3 fresh, nutritious meals daily for students and staff. That means preparing 750,000 meals annually–3,000 meals daily at a cost of $1.275 million annually on food alone. This massive effort is generated by the school’s awareness that for many students from poverty-stricken homes, these meals are the only food that will receive. BTJ social worker Rivka Hakakian stresses, “It’s impossible to overestimate the value of three meals a day for a student’s success and well being.”

The cost to feed our entire student body for one day is $7,000, please help us reach our goal!

$36 Feeds 2 Students Lunch For 1 week

$72 Feeds 2 Students Lunch for 2 Weeks

$144 Feeds 2 students lunch for 1 Month

$234 Feeds 1 student three meals a day for an entire month

Goal: $18,000

$13803 Raised!

Raised by 65 people in 4 years!


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  • $720Arnold Rotter
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  • $100Francoise E Engel
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