When Aviel found out he was accepted to Boys Town Jerusalem, he wasn’t thrilled. “It wasn’t my first choice for middle school,” he said. “But since I didn’t get into my preferred school, I didn’t have any other option.”

That was back in 7th grade. Now a senior about to graduate, Aviel couldn’t be happier with the outcome. “Once I started learning here, I knew this was the place for me.”

Aviel is one of our brightest students

From starting as a stuttering seventh grader at BTJ, Aviel has grown into one of our star students. He joined CISCO’s Networking Academy, excelled in our computer classes, and is now graduating with a focus on software engineering and telecommunications. On top of that, Aviel will also be awarded a certificate of excellence in general studies. He credits his success to the hardworking teachers at Boys Town Jerusalem.

“One of my teachers, Dr. Fuchs, quickly noticed that the curriculum was too simple for me, so he gave me more challenging work.”

Not only did Aviel succeed at his studies, he also thrived with his peers. A popular student, Aviel often headed social groups and activities, like leading the class play.

“Before 9th grade my parents gave me the option to switch to a different school. They wanted me to be in a more intense learning environment. But I told them that I was meant to be at Boys Town Jerusalem.”

He has a bright future ahead of him

His decision to stay has paid off. After graduating, Aviel will attend the Jerusalem College of Technology where he plans to get a degree in software engineering and then serve in the IDF.

We wish Aviel the best of luck in his future endeavors!

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