When Rabbi Doron Taib was named principal of Boys Town Jerusalem High School in 2018 at the age of 38, he became one of the youngest principals in the school’s annals.

As both a BTJ graduate and longtime faculty member, “Rav Doron” now finds himself looking at the past, present and future in nearly every aspect of his work.

“I never had to choose a school,” the principal admits. “My two older brothers were both Boys Town Jerusalem students, and I followed them.” All three Taib brothers, the sons of Tunisian and Moroccan immigrants to Israel, majored in Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Technology. Doron went on to serve in the IDF Armored Corps, becoming a Company Commander in the Medical Corps Regiment. To this day, he serves on active reserve duty.

Doron Taib’s passion to become a teacher was directly inspired by his Boys Town Jerusalem experience. “Here teachers listened to their students, let us know that they loved and appreciated us, and gave us direction for life. Now it’s my turn to give that to others,” he says simply.

During his Bachelor of Education studies, he and his young family moved to the BTJ campus where Rav Doron was a counselor in the dormitories. In 2003, he joined the faculty as a math and technology instructor.

As high school principal (and math teacher), Doron Taib stresses that today’s reality demands teachers to multi-task and broaden the horizons of learning, while setting clear limits. “The challenge is all the greater considering the struggles facing the growing number of BTJ’s single-parents, working poor, and families struck by illness.”

“When I look at today’s student,” he muses, “I’m imagining where he will be in 2040. Our sights must be set on granting him the academic and emotional tools to face the future.”

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