Part of our high school curriculum requires volunteering at certain institutions to give back to the community. Last year, Amitai, an 11th grader, volunteered for the police force, and he found his calling.

Amitai was never a good student

Amitai is the sixth boy in his family to attend Boys Town Jerusalem, but he had no desire to learn.

“I would skip class, I wouldn’t study, and I was thinking of dropping out,” he says. But volunteering gave him something positive to focus on.

Working with the police gave Amitai purpose

Although a typical few hours with the police involved doing security rounds or looking for suspicious activity, Amitai spends all of his spare time there. Students only need to complete 30 hours of volunteer service per year, but Amitai has already logged more than 300!

“It’s incredibly rewarding,” he says. “I was once part of security during a festive ceremony where a synagogue received a new Torah. The streets were packed with cars and people. Right next to me I saw two little kids run into the street. I grabbed them and pulled them to the side just as a car was driving by.”

That sense of motivation transferred to his studies

I realized that I wanted to do something meaningful with my life, but I wasn’t going to get anywhere without an education,” he says.

Amitai is now a top student, and he gives credit to Rabbi Meir Linchner, Dean of Students

“Rabbi Meir noticed my attitude towards school and brought me to his class one day. He sparked something in me that made me want to learn. He showed me how to believe in myself. Now, I’m getting A’s on all of my matriculation exams, and I really feel like I’m going to succeed in life.”

While Amitai devotes more time to studying, he still volunteers with the police two to three times a week.

We are able to provide students like Amitai the tools he needs to succeed because of our generous donors. To support Amitai and other boys at Boys Town Jerusalem, click here.


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