Dor L’Dor Society
(Generation to Generation)

D Ldor Society

Jerusalem has been the focus of the aspirations and prayers of the Jewish people for thousands of years. Now, you can link your name, and the names of your children and grandchildren, for eternity to the holy city of Jerusalem through your membership in Boys Town Jerusalem’s Dor L’Dor Society.

The Dor L’Dor Society is a select group of Boys Town Jerusalem supporters who are concerned about the future of the Jewish people, and who demonstrate their family’s commitment to Israel, Jerusalem, and educating Israel’s poor and needy through a special $1800 gift (payment options listed below).

In recognition of your membership in the Dor L’Dor Society, your name and the names of your children and grandchildren will be permanently placed on our beautiful Dor L’Dor Wall on Boys Town Jerusalem’s 18 acre campus overlooking the ancient Judean hills. Here, your children and grandchildren will be able to visit one of Israel’s premier educational institutions, and continue your legacy of support and kindness for the disadvantaged students who consider Boys Town Jerusalem home. And even more so, your children and grandchildren will know that your membership represents the values most important to you – your love of Israel and the holy city of Jerusalem, your concern for your fellow Jew, and your commitment to those less fortunate.

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