It took nearly a full school year for Kfir Giet, the new head of Boys Town Jerusalem High School’s Information and Communications (ITC) department, to actually meet his 200 students in person when the COVID-closed campus finally reopened.

Now, free of the challenges of “remote” teaching, Giet is moving at lightning speed in his mission to cultivate the newest generation of Israel’s cybersecurity experts – and of upright, ethical young leaders.

The popular young instructor, an avid pilot and wave surfer by hobby, began his teaching career a decade ago after extensive experience in computer security. Replacing newly-retired ITC director Shlomo Serok, Giet joined BTJ this year as the school became one of only six in Israel to be tapped by the Prime Minister’s National Cyber Directorate to initiate a 10th grade Cybersecurity curriculum.

“Worldwide cyberattacks in industry and warfare occur daily,” Giet states grimly. “Cyber education is absolutely critical to develop students’ abilities to think, reason, and protect our world.” As such, he demands the maximum. “I don’t make my students’ lives easy, but they know I care and I’m available to help long beyond classroom hours.”

Kfir Giat’s teaching goals, shaped by his experience in the hi-tech sector, place priority on cultivating teamwork, the basis of today’s technological workplace. But above all, he stresses the high moral standards Judaism demands in all aspects of life.

Beyond cyber education, Kfir Giet teaches the demanding Computer Networking (Cisco) curriculum to 11th and 12th graders, as well as advising the extracurricular robotics teams. “I share a lot in common with BTJ students facing difficult situations at home,” he admits. “I’ve been there. My top priority is to help them become caring, contributing individuals.”

A self-made man, Giet established a computer firm at age 25, which he oversees two decades later.

“I came to education and teaching later in life to foster tomorrow’s technological and moral trailblazers.”

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