The last time 32 electronics majors of Boys Town Jerusalem Class of 1973 were all together was nearly 47 years ago at their graduation ceremony. Today, 29 loyal grads made their way back to the campus from across Israel – and one from the US – to revisit the place that shaped their futures.

For the Class of 73, their traumatic initiation to the real world came just four months after graduation when the 18-year-olds found themselves on the battleground of the Yom Kippur War. “Gratefully, we survived to go on to serve in the IDF for three years or more, putting our electronics skills to use in the Air Force, Communications Corps and other units,” reports Avi Sued, a main organizer of the reunion.

Each and every electronics major of the Class of ’73 married, established a family, made his professional mark, and contributed to Israeli society. “We profited enormously from our critical years at Boys Town,” Avi declares. “Beyond gaining an edge in academics, we were given the ethical values that shaped our lives.”

Avi, now a Senior Operations Manager at Elta Systems, notes that like himself, most of his classmates were new immigrants to Israel whose parents struggled very hard to make ends meet. “Look around tonight,” he says with a smile. “In this room are electronics specialists, economists, engineers, business managers, a dentist, teachers, architects, computer program developers and a host of other professionals. We are living proof that Boys Town Jerusalem gave us the means to succeed.”

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