BTJ To Train Specialists in R&D



The Israel Defense Forces has selected Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering (CAE) as one of five training centers in the nation to offer the “Marom” program, aimed to train top-level students in technological research and development skills prior to their IDF enlistment. The majority will become officers in the Ordnance Corps, applying their knowledge to developing the cutting-edge weapons systems vital to Israel’s survival.

The IDF selection of Boys Town for the Marom program follows the school’s appointment in 2007 as an instruction center for the prestigious “Shachak” program train electronics specialists for the Israeli Air Force. According to College of Applied Engineering director Daniel Terebelsi, the IDF selected Boys Town for its state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment in the school’s Beren Electronics Center, as well as its long record of working together with the IDF to groom first-rate technicians, computers experts and electronics specialists to assume key roles in military teams. The highly competitive “Marom” program is designed for high school graduates who have achieved high marks in math and English. Those who pass the difficult entrance exam are then given an intensive course in electronics and computers prior to the beginning of their two-year College of Applied Engineering studies.

CAE graduates receive a diploma in applied engineering, as well as certification as licensed electricians. Those who study in the Marom or Shachak programs are granted a two-year deferment from the military for their studies, and then given advanced placement in top units upon joining the IDF. Army specialists accompany the students throughout their entire course of studies, adding specific training relevant to work being carried out in particular units. CAE students study an intensive curriculum that includes electronics, computers, robotics, and electronic systems. Yet unlike other applied engineering schools, CAE features an equally intense program of Jewish studies.



“From the start, Boys Town Jerusalem—from junior high through the College of Applied Engineering—has always stressed the combination of a Jewish education and its timeless spiritual and ethical mores, along with the finest possible technological education,” noted Terebelsi. “Our thousands of graduates have made invaluable contributions to Israel’s military, industrial and cultural realms.”

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