A popular super robot made and programmed by Boys Town Jerusalem students starred in BTJ’s debut at the prestigious 2020 AIPAC Policy Conference last month. Ariela Lacovsky, BTJ Development and Grants Officer who initiated the participation, reports that the BTJ booth drew well over 1,000 participants to view the robot as well as a prototype of the groundbreaking technology to reveal terrorist tunnels, developed by a team headed by BTJ grad IDF Col. Yaniv Avitan.

Lacovsky, along with Executive Vice President Rabbi Ronald Gray and Director of Development Rabbi Ezra Berenholz, met with a number of people throughout the event.

“Overall, “we were visited by a broad audience of Israeli and American lay leaders, students, and professionals from who showed great interest in Boys Town Jerusalem’s work and goals,” Ariela reports. “Plus, so many of our veteran supporters and second-generation supporters were absolutely delighted to stop by and give us a hearty welcome to the AIPAC Conference!”

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