Boys Town Jerusalem was plunged into deep mourning at the murder of former student Yehudah Guetta, 19, who was killed in a terrorist attack in the Samarian hills.

“Yehudah was not only smart, but very charismatic,” recalls Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz, his junior high school principal. “He was always surrounded by friends.”

Today, just before Yehudah Guetta’s funeral, Rabbi Rosencrantz did his best to comfort a seventh grader who collapsed in tears the minute he arrived in school.

“Yehudah was my neighbor and also my Bnai Akiva youth group counselor,” the youngster sobbed. “Several months ago, he caught me smoking a cigarette, and he sat with me for hours listening, urging me to stop smoking and to get serious about my life. He never stopped caring about me, and that’s what’s made me stronger and better.”

Yehudah Guetta lived with his parents, four brothers and two sisters in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiryat Moshe. This year he devoted to religious studies in the Itamar Yeshiva, and looked forward to enlisting in an elite IDF unit next year. He and two friends were the victims of a drive-by terrorist attack near the Yeshiva five days ago. Shot in the head, Yehudah remained in critical condition until his death.

“We always knew Yehudah would become someone great,” Rabbi Rosencrantz said. “His death is a terrible loss for all of us, and for the world at large.”

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