During Israel’s recent Operation Breaking Dawn” clash with Islamic Jihad terrorists, BTJ graduates were on the frontlines.

BTJ Graduates played a major role during Operation Breaking Dawn

Over 1,000 rockets were fired upon Israeli cities within 66 hours of warfare. Thanks to the Israeli Iron Dome missile system, a full 97% of the deadly rockets were intercepted. Thanks to sophisticated Israel Air Force fighter jets and drones above the Gaza strip, attack and intelligence-gathering capabilities were extraordinary. And thanks to the technological mastery of IDF soldiers – with Boys Town Jerusalem grads in the forefront – a major blow was dealt to the terrorists.

BTJ’s grduate success is all thanks to our supporters

With the help of generous donors worldwide, Boys Town Jerusalem High School students are provided with advanced-level studies to qualify them for top IDF technological units. Subsequently, an expert cadre of grads from BTJ’s College of Applied Engineering (CAE) are tapped for cutting-edge IDF technology and maintenance, cybersecurity and computer units, where many become career IDF officers.

Alon worked with iron-dome installations

For the scores of BTJ grads serving in the IDF Aerial Defense Division, Operation Breaking Dawn marked the culmination of intensive training. Alon,* a 24-year-old Ethiopian-born CAE grad, put his Electronics studies to work round-the-clock in Iron Dome and Patriot missile installations.

Along with ten fellow CAE grads, Alon recently completed specialized training as IDF electronic technicians. “I’m grateful for my CAE studies every minute.”

Doron was on the Israeli border working on radar systems

Doron,* a 20-year-old Russian-born graduate of both BTJ High School and BTJ’s College of Applied Engineering, is a sergeant in a Radar Technical Support unit.

Doron is constantly dispatched to every Israeli border to identify and solve problems in critical radar systems. Operation Breaking Dawn found him on 24-hour duty. “Israel’s advanced radar capabilities are essential to enable us to ‘see’ enemy rockets, drones, and aircraft in the air, on land and sea,” he stresses. Doron credits his success today to his experience on the BTJ robotics team. “From building small robots, I gained the responsibility, knowledge and confidence to find solutions for profound radar systems.” 

*not his real name

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