Boys Town Jerusalem is one of the eight high schools in Israel selected to pilot a cutting-edge course in cyber security, under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s National Cyber Bureau. Thirty top 11th and 12th graders have been handpicked for the intensive extracurricular course which will culminate in their international CSP (Certified Cyber Security Practitioner) exam for global authorization.

Just prior to the opening of the course, the students and their parents were briefed at the Boys Town Jerusalem campus by international cyber expert Itay Levi, co-founder of the Israeli cyber command knowledge center “Kernelios” commissioned to create and conduct the course. “World War III is virtually underway already on the cyber battlefield, placing both military and civilian targets at risk,” Levi told his audience. “This course will cultivate skilled experts for combat on both fronts.”

The intensive 150-hour course will be held from 5 pm – 9 pm weekly and throughout school vacations.   Although the studies are demanding and complex, Levi assured parents that their sons would succeed. “As Boys Town Jerusalem students, they have received a solid foundation in computer science and technology-related fields that makes them fully capable of passing the course, obtaining their international licenses, and serving as top cyber security professionals in the IDF and all segments of the private sector.”

The Boys Town Jerusalem pilot program for the extracurricular cyber security course will be closely observed by the Education Ministry and the Prime Minister’s National Cyber Bureau before introducing it into the nationwide curriculum.

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