In his recent visit to the Boys Town Jerusalem campus, Australian Ambassador to Israel Paul Griffiths bridged the hemispheres to teach an important lesson to the Israeli youth who greeted him.

From his welcome to the campus by junior high pupils waving Australian flags, the diplomat was personally introduced by BTJ students to the world of robotics pursuits, high-level electronics studies and more. At the close of his on-site tour of the school, it was Ambassador Griffiths’ turn to enlighten a select group of students from Grade 7 – 14 in a special meeting together.

Describing the intricacies of his mission to strengthen relations between Australia and Israel, the career diplomat stressed the common interests and cooperation the two countries share, from advancing innovative technologies to defense systems and cybersecurity. “What I’ve now seen at Boys Town Jerusalem is that you’re not just learning the theory, but you’re also applying it . . . You may not realize it, but the education and skills you’re acquiring offer enormous opportunities to move forward, not just in your careers, but as better-skilled, knowledgeable people better able to contribute to society.”

Looking at his rapt young audience, the ambassador revealed, “I grew up in one of the poor areas of Tasmania where I attended a downbeat school. Early on, I realized that hard work and education were crucial to my future, and I actually became the first person in my family and the first in my high school to attend university. Most wanted to learn a trade and leave high school as soon as possible. Fortunately, I realized that an education was not only crucial to get my first job, but to live in a range of countries, experience a wealth of cultures, meet fascinating, inspiring people and work on incredible diplomatic issues. I urge you to take full advantage of your outstanding education at Boys Town Jerusalem to advance in your own lives!”

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