Only In Israel

Small as it is, Israel has chalked up phenomenal success in just 68 years of existence. Surrounded by enemies, she has managed to become a giant in security and in world-class innovations, earning the title “start-up nation,” hands down.

Boys Town Jerusalem was established at the same time as the State of Israel in 1948 to give a home and education to boys who had fled here from Nazi horrors and Arab tyranny. With our brand-new Israeli ingenuity, we devised a plan to give these youth the skills and Jewish values to build a new nation. Our pioneering BTJ invention: an intensive three-pronged curriculum of academics, vocational education and Jewish studies, the first in Israel!  

From the start, the school marched hand in hand with the Israel Defense Forces, with our grads serving on land, sea, and in the air. After the Six Day War, we actually produced precision parts on campus for Israeli-made aircraft, tanks and satellites. Later, our College of Applied Engineering was hand-picked to work in conjunction with the IDF to train officers for technical teams, research and development of new armaments, and cyber intelligence units.  

Wherever you are in Israel today, you’ll find BTJ grads hard at work building the nation. They’ve gone on to become beacons in Israeli society, in education, commerce, at the cutting-edge of technology, and more.

No doubt about it — Israel is a country with many wonders, beautiful landscapes, and generations of youth who will make the world a better place.

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