Meet Some BTJ Graduates


Yaakov Afflalo Rafa Pharmaceuticals – IT Director


Ayal Ben Atar Director of Training at Magen David Adom in Jerusalem


Judge Baruch Azulai Deputy President of Israel’s Southern District Court


Major Benny Brinder Commander of Fighter Jet Engines Division on Israel Air Force base


Daniel C Deputy Commander of a major fighter‐plane squadron in the IAF


Yakir Damri Rafael Defense Systems – Systems Engineer


Shai Dreizen General Manager of the Ashkelon Water Desalination Plant


Colonel Ben-Zvi Elyassi Logistics Coordinator of the Home Front Command in the Israel Defense Forces


Professor Dan Engelhard, MD Director of Department of Pediatrics at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem


Avi Fruchter Development Team Leader at Cisco


Meir Harel Deputy Inspector at National Fire Department


Yossi Hasan Computer Development – Sandisk


Shaul Hodefi Production Supervisor for ELTA Electronic Industries, Ltd.


Shmuel Hollander, Esq Civil Service Commissioner


Lt. Col. Benayahu Jamus Chief Chaplain of Israeli Navy


Moti Landes Network Monitoring, IT Infrastructure & Information Security Manager In Coca Cola


Yechiel Levenson Senior Product Engineer and Technical Leader at Intel Corporation in Kiryat Gat


Prof. Avi Levy President of Chemdat Hadarom University


Ohad Liebovitz Prime Minister’s Office – Head of Security Operations


Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai Chief Spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces


Captain Nir S Israel Air Force fighter pilot


Avraham Novogrodski CEO of Africa – Israel Industries


Raphael Ouzan 2nd place at the Intel international Science competition; Founder and CEO of BillGuard


Dr. Moshe Suissa Cardiologist at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem


Lior Uza Elbit – Computer Engineer


Eli Zeitlin Senior Development Lead at Microsoft