This is Rafi*; he’s a miracle child.

Rafi and his twin sister were born after years and years of fertility treatments. It’s wonderful, but Rafi struggles with the fact that his father is in his mid-60s. All of his friends have younger parents, and the 13-year old is embarrassed of his own. He often refers to his father as his grandfather.

Rafi suffers from behavioral issues

“Rafi’s story is far more complex than it appears,” Rabbi Rosencrantz explains. “Rafi suffers from serious ADHD behavioral issues and frequent anger outbursts. He’s turned his own frustration on his father, who has always found it difficult to discipline the son he so longed for.”

His family doesn’t have money

Beyond these personal issues, the family is also facing financial trouble. Rafi’s father has been unemployed for a while now, and the mother works sporadically at part-time jobs.

So, when it came to Rafi’s bar mitzvah, the family gratefully welcomed the opportunity to have it at Boys Town Jerusalem.

His bar mitzvah was a time to shine

For Rafi, this meant introducing his friends to his father. Although he was apprehensive at first, when it came to the day of bar mitzvah, Rafi exuded confidence.

During the morning prayers, Rafi led the service with his father at his side. It was a proud moment for both of them.

Jewish Studies Principal Rabbi Elimelech Yaakov spoke to Rafi during the reception.

“Honoring your father and your mother is one of the most crucial commandments in the Torah, and one which will enrich your own life as it enriches that of your parents. You and your sister are their crowning glory, and giving them honor will open the path to the greatness you are destined to reach.”

Because of our sponsors, Rafi and his family were able to celebrate his bar-mitzvah without any financial constraints. Your donations make a difference. If you’d like to donate to Rafi, or any of our other boys, click here.

*not his real name

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