Two major challenges face Boys Town Jerusalem as the 2022-23 schoolyear opens: For the over 900 students from grades 7-14, the main challenge is to reach the highest level in their studies. For the faculty, thanks to BTJ’s citation by the State of Israel as one of the nation’s best schools, the main challenge is to climb even higher.

Students are still recovering from the COVID lockdowns

“As we begin this academic year, we’re still fighting to help students make up studies lost over the two-year Covid disruptions,” admits Junior High School principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz. At the same time, he cites the extraordinary efforts of those teaching the school’s five Special Education classes for the record number of boys with acute psychological and scholastic needs.

Generous donors are providing solutions

Rabbi Rosencrantz praises generous donors worldwide who’ve enabled the school to provide disadvantaged students with both tuition scholarships as well as textbooks and school supplies. This year, he reports, social workers and teachers are redoubling their efforts to support the many boys confronting difficult family crises, as well as three boys who’ve recently lost a parent.

Teachers are working hard to make it a great year

BTJ High School principal Rabbi Doron Taib commends the efforts of the teachers – who as national prizewinners were each awarded a $2,500 government bonus – for both their devotion to teaching as well as their boundless care for each student’s welfare.

“Today’s high school curriculum challenges teachers to employ an interdisciplinary approach towards enabling students to examine concepts,” he explains. “A study of King David, for example, now encompasses not only a Biblical quest, but an in-depth exploration of relative historic, literary, civic and even emotional dimensions. This and every assignment demand heightened effort and professionalism from our teachers.

“On the student level, our schoolwide volunteering program is expanding to include greater interaction between high school students assisting younger classmates in both academic and social spheres,” the principal shares. “To their credit, our teachers’ acclaimed commitment to excellence is a shining example to their students.”

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