Purim Celebrations 2017

Happy Purim

The Jewish month of Adar, the month that the festival of Purim falls in is always a very happy and spirited month in Boys Town Jerusalem school. As our sages say, “He who enters into the month of Adar, will be filled with happiness.” During this month the boys are very busy planning their Purim costumes, organizing mishloach manot and […]

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Yesh Tikvah There is Hope

Yesh Tikvah

The British Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem celebrated 10 years of singing for Boys Town Jerusalem and managed to raise £20,000 for the school. This money will benefit the boys in many ways. The concert was held in North Finchley, London and 11 choirs from different schools participated in the event. The finale had the Boys Town Jerusalem boys choir sing […]

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4 Dead in Terror Attack

Terror attack

Israel was basking in a relatively short period of quiet, we had just enjoyed the beautiful Hanukkah holiday, to be struck again brutally by senseless terror. The target was Israeli soldiers. On Sunday, January 8th, 2017 at around 1.15 P.M. terror struck the capital again, this time causing the death of 4 Israeli soldiers and injuring many more. The terrorist driving a […]

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