Lag B’Omer 2017

Lag B'Omer

This year Lag Ba’Omer falls on Saturday night the 13 May, 2017. The Israeli Education Minister has said that for fear of desecrating the Sabbath, the celebrations of Lag Ba’Omer will be held instead on Sunday night and on Monday it will be a school vacation day. What Is Lag Ba’Omer and Why Do We Celebrate it? Lag Ba’Omer is […]

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Tears To Happiness All In One Week

Yom Hazikaron

The last few weeks in Israel have taken the country from remembering the tragedies of the Holocaust to remembering the thousands of Israeli soldiers who have fallen in order to help build this country. Each a person, each with their own story, each a world. From the sorrow and heartache comes the joy and celebrations of celebrating Israel’s 69th birthday. […]

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Purim Celebrations 2017

Happy Purim

The Jewish month of Adar, the month that the festival of Purim falls in is always a very happy and spirited month in Boys Town Jerusalem school. As our sages say, “He who enters into the month of Adar, will be filled with happiness.” During this month the boys are very busy planning their Purim costumes, organizing mishloach manot and […]

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